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Ignite Technology: A People-First Approach

In 2011, Ignite Collaboration Services Group was founded based on the idea that attention to both user, and customer experience – a people-first approach – was much needed in the collaboration technology and AV space across Canada. Following a decade of growth in expertise, partner network, and service offerings, the group came together in 2021 as Ignite Technology to bring their Collaboration, Cyber Security and Managed IT practices under one umbrella. Throughout their growth and congregation, reliable, tailor-fit solutions for the modern workplace have remained the mandate at Ignite.

At Ignite, solutions are delivered using a personal approach. Each project starts with the team getting an understanding of the experience the solution needs to deliver. Ignite believes that every solution should be tailored towards the needs of the people or organization that will be using the technology every day.

“Our diverse team of experts work together to design a solution that’s determined by your goals and outcomes, not a piece of hardware,” – Steven Taylor, President and CEO of Ignite Technology

A key to success for Ignite Technologies has been the organic development of the company’s unique work culture, specifically over the last two years. This is in large part thanks to the team’s commitment to collaborating and connecting digitally when traditional means of communication were no longer feasible. Team members are encouraged to ask questions, try something new and not be afraid of making mistakes. This allows people to engage fully.

“It’s about working with great people who are passionate about creating great experiences.” – Steven Taylor, President and CEO of Ignite Technology

Although the pandemic did present some challenges for Ignite, the team had already been operating as a somewhat dispersed workforce, which meant they didn’t experience the same level of pressures as a lot of organizations when work from home mandates were put in place. Collaborating and connecting seamlessly was already Ignite’s niche, so they simply leaned in. Whether face-to face or screen-to-screen, the technical team works together across Collaboration, Security, and Managed Services practices to align the best elements possible for any given solution. By asking the right questions, Ignite develops and integrates custom solutions that allow for technology to fall into the woodwork, alleviating IT burden and disruption.


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