Highlighting Last Years 2020 Winners: Mrugakshee Palwe – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
Highlighting Last Years 2020 Winners: Mrugakshee Palwe

July 28, 2021

Mrugakshee Palwe, the recipient of the 2020 Next Generation Leadership Award, has chosen to be a voice in one of tech’s newest and often misunderstood topics: blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Moving from India to Canada in 2014, Mrugakshee became the President of the Computer Science Society at Acadia, completed her Bachelor of Computer Science Degree, and co-launched her own business.

Co-founders, Mrugaskshee and partner, Keegan Francis, drive to advance education on cryptocurrency via their podcast – Go Full Crypto. The duo has been featured as 30 Under 30 Innovators in 2020 in Atlantic Business Magazine, and Agents of Change through the Halifax Partnership. Within the company is a culture of education and entrepreneurship, and Mrugakshee has continuously engaged in activities to promote women in tech and offer her time as a role model for women, girls, and those underrepresented within the tech community.

“To be on the ground floor of cutting-edge technology? That takes bravery, dedication, and dare I say… tenacity.” – Alison Knott, Alison K Consulting

No truer can the word ‘emerging’ apply than in her case. We should not wait 5 years for women to make headway in their field before deeming them ‘emerging’ – Mrugakshees’ voice is going to play a central role in Canada’s cryptocurrency scene.

“I would not be here without the ability to stand on the shoulders of giants and I’m grateful every single day for being able to make an impact on peoples lives in anyway that I can.” – Mrugakshee Palwe

She is laying the foundation for understanding concepts of money via her podcast Go Full Crypto. She has carved out space for women in an industry that still remains 75% dominated by men and is proud to be a face behind a technology that many still do not understand. Mrugakshee Palwe is a name we will be seeing in the future with her innovative mindset and willingness to propel the female sector forward in the tech industry.

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