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Good Work by Good People – Red Ear Media

June 22, 2021

Small but mighty, the team at Red Ear Media is agile, adaptable, and flexible. Red Ear Media is a Halifax web design and digital marketing company. Their diverse team has significant digital marketing knowledge and experience that gives them an edge allowing them to assess and meet their client’s needs quickly and efficiently. Red Ear thrives on working with their clients, engaging with them for every step of the process.

“We don’t try to impose our agenda on the client; we work hard to understand their needs and apply our expertise to get the best end-result. We thrive on building relationships, not making transactions, and we enjoy working with others who share similar values – good work by good people.” – Rob Gillan, CEO & Founder, Red Ear Media

Red Ear puts people first, from their clients to their staff. They understand and encourage a healthy, respectful work culture, sharing that “great ideas come from diverse teams that also have time to breathe and thrive in their off-time.” Although currently a remote team, their doors are always open – encouraging team members to speak openly and freely. Their strong foundation and dedicated team are the real secret behind their great client experiences – they are a team that listens, explores, then drives results.

Red Ear Media’s “working with you, not for you” approach is how they successfully achieve results. They do exactly what they say they’re going to do – building flexible and customizable plans to suit a clients’ needs, allowing Red Ear to scale solutions for projects of any size.

“We are proudly Nova Scotian owned and we employ Nova Scotians. We’re humble, hungry, and always curious – keen to learn, never assuming we know it all.” – Tracy Milsom, President, Red Ear Media

Red Ear Media works with budgets of all sizes, helping clients achieve goals for their websites, e-commerce stores, social media, and digital advertising accounts. Additionally, if the strategic plan calls for new and creative ideas, Red Ear has experience with photography, graphic design, branding, and more.

“We’re taking businesses into a world where we can level the playing field within the digital space so they can compete with firms on a larger or even national level.” – Rob Gillan, CEO & Founder, Red Ear Media

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