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GBS Technologies: Keeping You Connected

August 20, 2021

Let’s go back to the beginning. It’s the early 2000s; wireless communications and cellphones are on the rise. It’s an exciting time.

GBS Tech was then known as a dealer for Clearnet, a telecom company based out of Ontario. From there they were able to grow organically and soon expanded through acquisitions in Atlantic Canada to 21 locations in 4 provinces, helping both retail and business clients with their tech. Now, in 2021, they continue to evolve to meet the technology needs of their local customers and strive to be that trusted advisor in mobility, IT, and security services.

Known to pivot quickly and produce creative solutions, GBS is trusted by their clients. An owner-operated entity, with a broad range of solutions – they’re known to offer some amazing cross-promotions for clients, allowing them to meet more needs and help more customers.

As the tech sector continues to thrive we asked GBS Tech what they are looking forward to in the near future and if they have any exciting projects coming up;

“The evolution of wireless communications and the rollout of 5G is perhaps the most exciting project we have on the go. It will take time until the whole network from devices to transport and radio is fully upgraded but the capabilities that are coming, they are going to be amazing. We are talking billions of connected devices, WTTH/WTTX (wireless to the home/x), V2V (vehicle to vehicle), and creating blazing fast speeds.” – Michael Hage, COO, GBS Technologies

Needless to say, the 100 people that make up the GBS family are excited for what the future holds! The family culture of GBS is the core of their business, caring for each other and working together as one. To preserve this culture they do not impose many layers of middle management, keeping the open dialogue flowing from bottom to top. GBS is a customer service-based company that empowers and encourages all its team members to take ownership of customer interactions, to provide a great experience.

Their team is continually growing, posting more positions each and every day. If you have any questions or are interested to learn more about GBS feel free to reach out to any one of their team members via LinkedIn,, or one of their stores in your local community.