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Garvin-Allen, Supporting the Property and Casualty Sector for over 25 Years

Helping organizations make a lasting impression with their clients, Garvin-Allen Solutions is the creator of the enterprise-level software platform Advanced Insurance System (AIS). AIS supports the Property and Casualty sector of the insurance industry with quoting, issuing, claims, billing, and accounting for personal and commercial insurance products. The Property & Casualty sector has had significant change in the past decade as more companies and organizations seek to improve their digital platforms. With over 25 years in the industry and with clients located in the United States, Bermuda, and Europe, Garvin-Allen is uniquely positioned to provide expertise and creative solutions. Their clients not only rely on them, but they also trust them and GA staff are very proud to be considered fellow team members.

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, Garvin-Allen has been fortunate to continue providing their clients with the level of support they rely on. Their amazing team quickly adapted to working from home and have been committed to maintaining quality service for their clients. The biggest challenge for Garvin-Allen is that more than half of their team continues to work from home, and they miss each other! They make very good use of technology to stay in touch, but nothing matches the in-person collaboration that is part of their culture and success. They have found creative ways to keep in touch such as a photo contest, burger week from home, weekly trivia, and happy hours. While they look forward to more in-person connection in the future, Garvin-Allen is committed to providing their team members with the support they need to work through these challenging times.

For 2021, the team is excited about new software features they’re planning to release and growing their team. They’re starting the year by adding two new members. Colleen Ivimey, Manager at Garvin-Allen asked some of the team “What is the best part about working at
Garvin-Allen Solutions?” and here are their responses.

“Really, the best part about GA is the people and the friendships which develop over the years. A positive work environment, people who get to know you and keep you bonded to the company, not to mention how much it helps manage or let go of stress.”

“Casual and welcoming atmosphere, tight-knit team where individual input is encouraged and informs development decisions. Time allotted to explore and incorporate new technologies and patterns into our development workflow. Competitive salaries. Perks are great (snacks, office gym and fitness allowance, training, parties, etc., and of course office dogs!) and available to both in-office and remote employees”

“The best part about working at Garvin-Allen is that there are always new and exciting tasks to work on and my team lead always challenges me to learn or work on challenging tasks that always end up making me a better developer by the end of it. Everyone here also treats one another as their equal and are always ready to help out someone who is stuck or doesn’t know something in the software/about insurance industry. The office environment here is also very welcoming and open, I don’t feel intimidated when I need to ask another developer questions/help or if I need to ask QA/BA for clarifications. The dogs, snack-filled kitchen and in-office gym are also a bonus on top of working alongside an amazing team.”

“The workplace culture here is very friendly and supportive. Other developers are always ready to help out or answer questions, sometimes they will even answer my questions and give me resources or additional knowledge that goes along with their answer as well. This is the first time I’ve worked at a company where it really feels like everyone is on the same team and no one is left behind when help is needed.”

“After reading the replies from team members I realized that we truly are a family at GA,” says Colleen Ivimey. “We have long tenured employees, several of whom joined us right out of school, and that means we have been part of their marriages, birth of children, children going to school and university and other major life events – these are experiences you share with family.”

When it comes to new employees, Garvin-Allen looks for people who want to learn and be part of a team committed to providing both an excellent product and superior service. They look for people with technical skills and the team believes they have the environment to teach someone who wants to learn. They encourage commitment to personal and professional development and also talk to potential recruits about the importance of having an impact, encouraging an open environment where asking questions is necessary and sharing ideas is essential.

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