From the Ground Up: Boostflow – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
From the Ground Up: Boostflow

October 3, 2022

Knowing where you come from, and where you want to go is important in business. When Boostflow began in 2018, co-founders Billy Mole and D’Andre Smith set out to accomplish just that. They were founded with the intent to connect rural communities within Nova Scotia and help organizations adapt to the changing digital landscape. Now five years later, the full-service web agency provides websites and e-commerce solutions to clients across North America, while remaining true to their vision – supporting the livelihood of small and local businesses.

Inspired by small Atlantic communities, Boostflow built its business from the ground up in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Starting a tech company in a rural area had its challenges, but they have capitalized on the surrounding unique tourism sector.

The rise of digital marketing has made one thing clear, rural businesses need a competitive online presence to keep afloat. In reality, hiring a qualified team to improve their online presence doesn’t feel feasible for many small businesses. Boostflow is proud to help clients understand the power of e-commerce and isn’t afraid to challenge how entrepreneurs use their web services.

So, when Boostflow partners with a client, they keep that in mind. They work with clients to access qualified professionals that can help them digitize their business at a fraction of the cost. Small businesses can take advantage of necessary e-commerce tools to gain the same competitive edge as any large-scale corporation.

“It takes a lot of time and dedication to manage an e-commerce website effectively but from our experience, the businesses who commit see results.” – Billy Mole, Co-Founder

At Boostflow, the ability to generate consistent, quality web traffic is just as important as having a great web presence. Their team prides itself on converting high web traffic into potential customers or leads. In doing so, small businesses increase their authority on search engines, ranking higher on desired keywords. With the expertise to pivot at a moment’s notice, Boostflow specializes in content heavy, feature rich or e-commerce sites. Their technology directly correlates how a successful marketing platform can positively impact a company’s bottom line.

With D’Andre’s expertise in design philosophy and Billy’s experience marketing one of Canada’s top automotive groups, this dynamic duo is well-equipped. The Boostflow team is hopeful to apply what they have learned as first-time business owners and create sustainable solutions in a forever changing industry.

Interested in what Boostflow could do for your business? Check out their free, no-obligation consultations to learn more about their services. To book an online appointment check out their website.