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Fostering Security at a Moment’s Notice: CyberClan

December 5, 2022

When Richard D’Souza was first looking to set up his company Network Test Labs, now known as CyberClan, in 2006, his financial woes forced him to borrow a friend’s credit card to make it happen. But despite its initial hardship, Richard’s vision led CyberClan to become the industry-leading cybersecurity provider it is today.

Rohid Sharma became the fourth employee to join the team at CyberClan as a business development representative, and he can attest to CyberClan’s extreme growth. Fast forward 5.5 years, he is proud to say the organization is a global competitor with more than 100 employees.

“It’s never boring,” said Rohid. “Because of the rapid growth and ever-evolving cybersecurity industry, things are always fast-paced and very interesting.”

Today, Rohid is the global channel lead and Senior Account Manager working out of CyberClan’s Halifax office. Through the creation of new partnerships and fostering the relationships the company has already built, CyberClan is scaling its sales network across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Built as a remote-first company, the CyberClan team works efficiently through online collaboration to stay connected across team hubs in Vancouver, Las Vegas and London, UK.

Although CyberClan is now a larger company, they’re proud of their humble beginnings as a startup, and often operate as if they were still one.

“Which means constant dialogue between individuals of all types of positions here at the company. As part of my role, I travel with Richard quite a bit which gives us the opportunity to do team retreats in the areas where we have team members located,” he said.

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving landscape, which is why CyberClan ensures clientele are up-to-date with the latest threats and intelligence. They offer managed services, risk management and incident response, which positions them as a full-service cybersecurity firm, offering everything in-house.

“It also means that our intelligence is a lot more complete and thorough compared to other firms,” said Rohid.

Unlike their competitors, CyberClan is the sole Canadian cybersecurity firm on the approved vendor list for global cyber insurance carriers. What does this mean for the safety of their clients? CyberClan can provide a 24/7, year-round Incident Response team, implementing post-breach remediation at a moment’s notice.

CyberClan is proud to be Canadian. Despite reaching new heights, they remain true to the vision that helped them originally succeed: Make cybersecurity approachable, affordable and accessible to all Canadian businesses.

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Make sure to take a look at their new warranty program, they are one of the only firms globally offering such protection. More information can be found here.