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Focal Place Inc: An Intelligently Practical Approach to Business

June 6, 2022

George Semeczko’s extensive knowledge within the tech industry, combined with his academic mastery have turned him into the leader he is today. After completing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Queensland, George kick-started his career working for a mix of tech companies across the globe from small startups to large financial institutions. As digital advancement grew rapidly, he noticed that public and private enterprises were struggling to execute major tech transformations efficiently and effectively. To better support these businesses, George was inspired to open Focal Place Inc. in April of 2016.

With a user-friendly approach to problem-solving, Focal Place helps clients succeed by providing broad and deep technical knowledge, offering consulting services to leverage technology from planning to execution. Their expertise ranges from evaluating and renegotiating outsourced services, to introducing new technology to allow the transformation of workplace working styles.

Focal Place’s success can be accredited to being intelligently practical in everything they do. George defines this approach as the ability to shape and work with teams by leveraging their emotional intelligence. With user-centered experience favoring simplicity, it is key for businesses to be practical when introducing new technologies. Focal Place emphasizes learning the intricacies of tech to use company resources to their advantage.

Becoming a successful business owner wasn’t always easy, George learned first-hand what it took to start Focal Place. from the ground up. That being said, he now uses his entrepreneurial experience and connections to improve two key aspects of any organization: getting the work done and running the business.

George showed that every experience matters – utilizing his prior connections to engage with companies that need to out-source professional guidance. After years working for large financial institutions, George familiarized himself with well-established practices to keep things on track. However, what sets their business apart from its competitors is the excellent communication they maintain with its clientele. George sets expectations with his clients to ensure every project’s delivery is met with great success.

With business goals in mind for their clients, Focal Place emphasizes the importance of having a united and high-performing team. To do so, the company recommends three key strategies.

  • Recruit highly knowledgeable employees despite being intimidated by their level of expertise.
  • Provide direction to your team, but have trust in their abilities to perform tasks.
  • Ensure your employees are set up for success by addressing any obstacles that will negatively affect their work.

Focal Place Inc. believes success starts from the inside out and therefore works with companies to apply these strategies to internal teams. It’s their secret sauce, their proven formula, and something that is core to their business.

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