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Financial Services from Coast to Coast – Summa

From coast to coast, the future of accounting is here! With cutting-edge Cloud technology and mobile accounting applications, Summa Financial has replaced the painful and redundant processes of the past with something automated and straightforward. The user-friendly Cloud Accounting software gives clients and the Summa team the freedom to work from anywhere with access to business financials at any time.

The company name, “Summa” has a lot of meaning behind it. It is the Latin word for the highest and most important point, or it is also known as “the sum total of an amount”, “the whole,” or “all-encompassing”. The significance behind the word Summa describes to some degree what the company aims for; to deliver what is most important to clients through the highest quality of service and suppliers, free of clutter and complexity.

An expert team of chartered professional accountants and bookkeeping hero’s come together to form Summa Financial Services. With a specialty in real estate, construction, and other service-based industry accounting, the friendly team at Summa can be counted on to provide all accounting and bookkeeping services that your business needs. The adoption of cloud technology has changed the game for Summa Financial. Accessibility of the new technology is a big plus for clients. Everything is at their fingertips, so all financial information is available in real-time. Additionally, Summa Financial offers training courses for its clients and their internal staff in order to make the transition to cloud computing as smooth as possible.

“Whether your business is growing or needs a little turnaround, we’ll do a deep dive analysis on the best course to get you working towards achieving your goals.”

Richard Landzaat, CPA, CA, President, Summa Financial Services Inc

Regardless of your business size, Summa financial has you covered! Whether you’re a growing small business or a start-up, Summa Financial is happy to create a plan that works for you. With so many moving parts to take care of, it becomes tough to keep everything under control, especially when your company is growing. Multiple bank accounts, credit cards, payroll, HST? It can be a lot! From Strategic guidance, cash flow management, and bank financing, Summa offers the necessary services and technology for businesses. Most companies need the expertise of an experienced CFO; however, the cost is often out of reach. Summa makes having a CFO affordable, giving your business the expert guidance it needs.

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