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Female Leaders and Diversity Champions celebrated at Digital Nova Scotia’s Digital Diversity Awards

May 31, 2017

HALIFAX, May 30, 2017 – Digital Nova Scotia (DNS) announced the winners of its second annual Digital Diversity Awards this evening in partnership with the Centre for Women in Business’ Spring Finale.

The awards were established in 2016 to acknowledge and applaud female leaders and diversity champions in Nova Scotia’s ICT sector, while encouraging the province’s next generation of women leaders.

During the evening’s celebrations, Digital Diversity Awards were presented to winners in the following categories:

Power IT Up: Next Generation Leadership
Winner: Lianne Perry – Tech Entrepreneur – PinPoint Virtual Solutions and Karmabuy

Women Leaders in the Digital Economy
Winner: Dr. Nur Zincir-Heywood – Senior Faculty, Computer Science at Dalhousie University

Diversity Champion of the Year
Winner: REDspace

“Our awards are about actively promoting, celebrating and acknowledging leadership and diversity within Nova Scotia’s fastest growing industry,” says Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia, former President and CEO, Digital Nova Scotia. “By highlighting and increasing the visibility of women leaders in ICT, we continue to showcase the many professional opportunities that exist within this fast paced, growing and ever expanding sector. Whilst it still may be male-dominated, we are working diligently toward gender parity on many levels, as we know that a more diverse sector and community, makes for more a productive and prosperous nation overall.”

Through Digital Nova Scotia’s partnership with the Women in Communications and Technology, all award recipients will also be automatically vetted and nominated for WCT’s own national annual awards program. This year, 2016 Digital Diversity Award winner, Jenelle Sobey was recognized nationally and awarded the WCT Emerging Leader Award.

“We are proud of the talent and companies that come out of Nova Scotia, and are pleased to be able to offer a unique opportunity and national platform to recognize the significant efforts and contributions of our Digital Diversity Award winners,” says Bahr-Gedalia. “Our 2017 award-winners have proven themselves as leaders, diversity champions and an inspiration to many in the ICT industry.”

For more information on the Digital Diversity Awards, please visit digitalnovascotia.com/digitaldiversityawards


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About Digital Nova Scotia
Digital Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the ongoing growth and development of Nova Scotia’s digital technologies industry. Engaging both members and stakeholders in the region, Digital Nova Scotia provides advocacy, multi-sectoral industry intelligence, facilitates connections between industry and talent, and delivers high-level programming to ensure Nova Scotia’s $1.5 billion digital industry (which boasts an additional $1 billion in spin-offs) continues to flourish.

Our Winners

Power IT Up: Next Generation Leadership – Lianne Perry
Lianne Perry has been immersed and engaged in the IT sector for many years. She is currently a student of SMU’s Master’s of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) program, a Senior Manager at the Sobey School of Business Development, a mother, and an entrepreneur – Lianne has co-founded two technology companies. If all of that does not keep her busy enough, she is also a Faculty Advisor for the award-winning Enactus Saint Mary’s team (currently ranked in the Top 5 in Canada), and a member of Techsploration’s Advisory Board. Lianne is a truly passionate individual, and she plays an important role in the digital sector.

“I’m thrilled to be selected as the recipient for the Power IT Up: Next Generation Leadership award. I’ve made it my personal and professional mission to help advance women in the local technology sector. I believe it is important to be a positive influence on our younger generation and I will continue to mentor young women to become more purposeful and impactful in their professional goals. I feel lucky to have had some strong female mentors who have helped to guide me through some murky spots and lead me to make great decisions in my life. Thank you for this incredible honour.” Lianne Perry


Women Leaders in the Digital Economy – Dr. Nur Zincir-Heywood
Dr. Nur Zincir-Heywood is a full-time professor and senior faculty member in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University, and she plays an essential role in preparing our future IT workforce. Nur’s work directly impacts our IT sector, but it is her activities above and beyond her job that truly demonstrate her position as a leader in our digital economy. She is a founding member and chair of the first of its kind, Culture of Respect in Computer Science committee or CORE-CS, and the founder and advisor to the student group: Women in Technology Society. Nur is passionate about increasing the diversity of voices and perspectives in ICT, and through her lived experience in overcoming the barriers, she has established herself as one of the top professors in her discipline.

“In accepting this award, I hope to inspire more women from diverse backgrounds to believe in themselves and just do it!” Nur Zincir- Heywood


Diversity Champion of the Year – REDspace
Recently acknowledged as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for 2017, REDspace is an active champion for diversity in our community. The company’s senior executive team is made up of 50% women, with nearly 50% of all female staff holding senior and management positions within the company. These female leaders are leading the way for junior level employees, showing them that it is possible to be successful in a field otherwise dominated by men. As a company that has doubled in size over the last three years, REDspace has maintained a focus on diversity and inclusion – providing all employees flexible work arrangements, making it easier for parents to accommodate sick children and school closures, and actively challenging the gender pay gap by ensuring salaries align with industry averages for each individual and every role. We are proud to have such a leading company here in Nova Scotia.

“The Digital Diversity Awards are bringing attention to the importance of increasing the number of women employed in Nova Scotia’s ICT sector. We’re truly honoured to be recognized by champions like Digital Nova Scotia and the Centre for Women in Business as an organization who is leading the way in change.” Daphne North, Marketing & Communications Manager, REDspace