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Are you an employer in Nova Scotia who could benefit from a wage subsidy to hire a recent graduate?
Edunova Workplace Vouchers provide short term wage subsidies to employers in Nova Scotia to hire recent international graduates from the EduNova STAY-NS cohort program. EduNova is coordinating the Workplace Vouchers and providing a wage subsidy of up to $6,400 per graduate hired, to offset and support paid work.

EduNova will provide

  • Short term funding to employers to offset paid work of a recent graduate (with a minimum 1 year/12 months work contract).
  • Wage subsidy of $10 per hour for 16 weeks of paid work experience (30-40 hours/week or up to 640 hours equivalent). Note: employer must agree to a wage-top up as outlined below.
  • Workplace Vouchers are a credit note redeemable upon 2-month & 4-months of completed employment.
  • Share job posting with students and assist with short listing of candidates (through program partner, Venor).

Employer’s requirements are as follows

  • Agree to a minimum 1 year contract (30-40 hours/week) to hire a new graduate.
  • Pay a minimal hourly rate of $13.00/hour
  • Cover MERC (mandatory employment related costs) – CPP, EI, Vacation Pay, overtime.

How it works

  • Employers submit a short application form before deadline of October 1, 2017.
  • Edunova will notify employers of acceptance/not within 5-7 days of submitting application.
  • Once accepted, employers will submit a brief online survey to redeem workplace vouchers.
  • Workplace vouchers are redeemed by submitting an invoice for wage reimbursement to Edunova, along with proof of wages paid to the graduate to date. -Acceptable documents are a most recent pay stub with YTD amounts, or a computerized payroll form.
  • Vouchers can be redeemed upon the first 2 months and 4 months of the contract term.
  • Vouchers are valid until February 15th, 2018.

STAY-NS Workplace Vouchers are a wage subsidy provided under EduNova’s STAY in Nova Scotia program, and funded by the Government of Canada and Province of Nova Scotia.  For more information on Workplace Vouchers or the STAY in NS program; or to submit an Application/Statement of Agreement Contract:

Or you may contact:

Jennifer Wesman, Retention Program Coordinator, EduNova Co-operative Limited
902-266-2003902-406-7447 (x.203),