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DeepSense and the Blue Economy

October 25, 2021

Uniting the next generation of AI and machine learning experts with companies that want to harness the potential of data in the ocean economy, DeepSense plays an integral role in our ecosystem here in Nova Scotia.

According to NSBI, in Nova Scotia, more than 300 companies are doing oceans-sector business, including over 80 innovators of new, high-tech products and services. Our province has become a hub for cutting-edge research and technology development, and the establishment of several research labs and institutions have made Nova Scotia a leader in the ocean sector. Including spin-offs, ocean-related industries generate approximately $4.5 billion, or 12.2% of provincial GDP, and with organizations like DeepSense, possibilities are only growing.

A program designed to build awareness and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help grow our region’s blue economy, DeepSense supports cost-effective collaborative projects between academic researchers and businesses. Driving innovation, commercialization, job creation and economic growth, the team help companies understand the benefits of predictive models, how to create analytical prototypes, and how to leverage these insights to grow their business and impact.


It all started as a conversation between the Dalhousie University Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and the CEO of the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE). They needed a better way to leverage the growing volume of ocean sector data, and so they prepared a proposal and the rest is history. DeepSense brings together companies with data and ocean scientists in a collaborative environment, and is delivered by partners with a global reputation, DeepSense is supported by IBM, Dalhousie University, the Province of Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), and the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE).

Since that initial conversation, DeepSense has helped support ground-breaking industry and academic projects. These projects have ultimately accelerated the safe and sustainable development of the blue economy which includes fisheries & aquaculture, seaport & logistics, and security & defense. The team work with companies that have varying levels of technology and data maturity, and by leveraging their internal expertise, they are able to help companies better understand potential AI and machine learning opportunities.  By leveraging technology and research, companies can more easily use data to make decisions, optimize operations, and create new products, processes, or services.

A fin-tastic crew, the DeepSense team all bring special skills. The mixture of cloud expertise, AI and machine learning knowledge, data analysis and ocean knowledge makes the small but mighty team so unique.

“Our Executive Director, Jennifer LaPlante, is really the glue that holds us all together and helps guide us all. The whole team is super friendly, and we love learning about each other’s cultures through food! We hope to make team potlucks a monthly tradition.”

-Lucija Prelovec Communications Specialist

What’s new with the DeepSense team? Well, they are extremely excited to announce the DeepSense X SURGE Industry Mentorship Program which is dedicated towards helping continue to build the next generation of AI and machine learning experts! This program offers participants the opportunity to enhance their professional development while overcoming career challenges and navigating career ambiguity.

Are you a passionate professional in the ocean sector? Are you interested in becoming a mentor for future industry professionals? Sign up today!