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Covers: A Brand refresh, new office and big things coming

Sports fans, data geeks, engineers and writers come together as part of the fast-growing team at Covers, trusted by 20 million users a year as an integrity-led brand in an industry where that’s not always the norm.

In 1995, Covers was started by two passionate sports fans in Nova Scotia and has grown into the top authority and resource for sports betting information in the world, changing the sports betting industry and becoming a national success story. Today, Covers is a platform that brings together expert insight, rich experiences and a passionate community to help sports bettors bet smarter.

The beating heart of the company is their end user, the sports bettor. From the very start, the team at Covers understood the importance of the user experience. Listening to the wants and needs of the betting community helped drive their success, allowing them to evolve alongside their users, ultimately creating a frictionless service for all bettors, regardless of their experience level. The company has been built strategically, combining expertise with passion to create a team of people who genuinely love what they do. In fact, if you’d like a small look into their company culture, just take a look at their brand-new headquarters in Halifax!

With brand values of innovation, passion, and inclusivity, Covers recently move into their new “Home Base”, a 9000sq ft purpose-built, state-of-the art-office space in Halifax, with studio capabilities and the capacity for 75 full-time employees. Designed to give their team a space to connect, collaborate and have fun, while still offering the flexibility to work from home, Covers understand the importance of balancing home and work.


But the stunning new location isn’t the only highlight this year, as Covers recently went through a brand refresh. Giving a face-lift to change the colours, typography and the overall look-and-feel of the brand online, it speaks to a new and younger audience. The timing also couldn’t be better, as it was just announced this month that Bill C-218 passed, allowing all provinces and territories to conduct and manage their own sports betting affairs moving forwards.

It’s been a significant year of change for the Covers team. We spoke to business leader and sports fanatic, Mark Harper, General Manager at Covers about the growing organization, and heard a little about his journey.

“I met some of the Covers crew in Vegas during a sports betting conference… I learned about the drive and passion that they had for sports and online sports betting information, along with an incredibly talented and tight-knit team.”

Mark Harper, Covers General Manager

After seeing the opportunity to join Covers in 2017, he was thrilled to be a part of one of the top digital media teams in the country – while working in an industry he loves. Now, the team consists of 70 full-time employees, with 50 folks based in Nova Scotia and 20 people working remotely across Canada, Ireland, and the UK.

With plans to double the Halifax team, Covers is looking for new employees in disciplines such as product, marketing, content, engineering, delivery and more. If you’ve read this blog and you feel excited about the potential at Covers, you should check out Covers’ career site or directly reach out to anyone on the team.

“Our team means everything to us, and we love meeting future potential draft picks.”

Mark Harper, Covers General Manager