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Contributing to a Bright Future: Sociable Media

“People tell me that I am an upbeat and energetic person. I’m passionate about what I do and I guess that translates naturally into the culture at Sociable Media. Life is hard, why should work make it harder?” – Maria McGowan, President of Sociable Media

After many years of working up the guts to strike out on her own, Maria McGowan stepped aside from the corporate world and founded Sociable Media in 2014. The initial plan was to test the waters with her new consulting agency for a few years, and jump back into a corporate marketing position if need be. But that never happened. Instead, Sociable Media grew into a boutique digital marketing agency and Maria carefully assembled a roster of talented professionals to keep up with the company’s success.

Sociable Media operates based on open and honest communication. Team members work remotely which means they need to know that they are supported and listened to. At Sociable Media, oversharing is almost customary in team meetings, and that’s okay. Having previously fallen victim to the marketing industry’s high burnout rate, Maria understands that work-life balance is becoming more like life-work balance, and she has various tools in place to make sure herself and the team are happy in their roles.

“In my opinion, there’s no better way to feel that the work you do has immense value than working at a small company. Smaller teams have a strong advantage because they are able to pivot quickly” – Maria McGowan, President of Sociable Media

When asked about what differentiates Sociable Media from other digital marketing agencies, Maria pointed to the company’s exploration of the renewable energy sector. Although they are always still learning, Sociable Media is able to apply their experience in digital marketing to help provide solutions for many businesses dealing in renewable energy. By targeting this niche market, they hope to enter an area where there aren’t many specialized digital agencies that can effectively assist businesses in need.

Sociable Media is one of the digital marketing agencies that has been very active in their participation in Digital Nova Scotia’s DAP initiatives. The Digital Assistance Programs have been designed to help small businesses attract more customers and grow their existing sales through specialized assistance with website development, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media strategy, online booking systems, and e-commerce tools. Maria describes her agency’s experience with DAP as a huge success that yielded learning opportunities for all parties involved. After being paired with multiple small businesses, Sociable Media was able to provide the digital marketing tools they needed to succeed, and instill confidence through training for how to properly market their business going forward.

A forward-thinking agency by all measures, to say that Sociable Media is excited about the future of digital marketing would be an understatement. Maria often talks about the ton of cutting edge technology being developed right in our backyard and the intriguing implications they will have in the digital marketing sphere. Sociable Media is particularly enthused with Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality, not to mention the strides being made related to the Metaverse. The future is bright for digital marketing, and you can expect Sociable Media to be there positively contributing to that light.

If you would like to learn more about Sociable Media or how their services could help your small business, visit their website!