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Collaboration over Competition: KA Social Media

May 2, 2022

Growing up on Nova Scotia’s scenic coastline, Kerra AuCoin Mansfield has always lived by the motto, “the more the merrier”. As a child, she loved connecting different groups of friends and seeing the magic that would come out of it. While in High School and university, Kerra spent her days organizing events and planning social gatherings amongst friends – she was always a champion of inclusion.

After her graduation from Saint Mary’s University, Kerra was working at a local magazine when she was exposed to the online local community, leading to an epiphany – she realized the uncapped potential for social media to help small businesses and brands to reach their target market on a scale that was previously not feasible. When Kerra’s contract at the magazine ended, she knew that social media marketing simply HAD to be part of her next career move. With the help of the Self Employment Benefits Program, KA Social Media was created in September 2014 and Kerra hasn’t looked back!

“Social media was on the rise and was completely changing the way businesses could market themselves and simply advertising on the radio or in a magazine wasn’t going to cut it anymore.”

– Kerra AuCoin Mansfield

For Kerra and her small business, working with other local business owners in Nova Scotia is an absolute pleasure. Kerra is a strong believer in collaboration and connection over competition, and she feels that if we all work together and help each other out, everyone will reap the benefits. Nova Scotia is such a tight knit province and people love to see others succeed.

It’s been an exciting time for KA Social Media over the last year, with Kerra’s Social Media Content Planner having been recently released. Kerra would often be asked, “How do I arrange my thoughts, keep my content in one place and stay organized?”, to which she would respond by handing out worksheets, cheat sheets, or directing them to an online source. By the end of 2021, Kerra decided to finally put all of her planning and organizational strategies into a physical planner to help clients become more coordinated and efficient in their business endeavors. The initiative received amazing feedback and a second print of the planner is set to be released in the near future!

Looking ahead, Kerra is adamant that videos and live content are the future of social media marketing.

“Short form video is surpassing any other content.” Says Kerra, “TikTok and Reels are performing so well no matter the industry or brand. If you haven’t embraced video yet it’s time to jump onto the train!”

Digital Nova Scotia would like to thank Kerra for taking the time to chat with us! To learn more about KA Social Media and their services offered, please visit their official website at!

“I absolutely LOVE brainstorming and coming up with new ideas for local businesses and brands! If anyone is struggling for what to post on social media and what type of content I’m your girl! Give me 10 minutes and I will give you so many ideas!”

– Kerra Aucoin Mansfield