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Collaboration, Connection,

June 3, 2022

It’s been an unforgettable 18-months for the team at Covers, after growing from 50 to 110 full-time staff and opening their brand new office – they’re now heading towards tripling their team! is the one-stop shop for all things sports betting with the goal to support those who share their love for sports. Providing real-time odds, picks, editorial content, video insights, sports betting tips, Covers offers a lively forum where people can work together and navigate betting strategies and decide on a sportsbook to place bets.

Founded in 1995, Covers has built a community of over 20 million people across the globe who are passionate about all things sports betting. They’re considered a major online media player in the fast-growing North American sports betting sector, and are one of several brands supported by the NS Sports Media Pros (NSSMP) team here in Halifax.

Meredith Buchanan, the Head of People and Culture at Covers, has high hopes for the future of Covers. With plans to triple in size in the long-term, NSSMP works hard to put their values into practice across the board, and the growth will help them do just that! Their brand focuses on innovation, passion, and inclusivity, which is clearly shown in their passion for promoting diversity and collaboration in both the virtual and physical workspaces. Whether working in the office or elsewhere, they strive to make sure all team members have a motivation and safe space to contribute and collaborate!

Covers prides itself on its widespread brand recognition, as well as their unmatched expertise. Aside from that, it’s their company culture that truly sets them apart from the competition. 

“Our team is passionate, talented, highly competitive and we genuinely care about each other. We also have a ton of fun. It’s quite common to hear people say they’re doing their dream job.” Meredith Buchanan, Head of People and Culture

It is clear that Covers strives to make sure all employees are involved and satisfied with their jobs, whether that be through virtual socials, mental health advocacy, or in-person conferences. Each of these initiatives are designed to improve the well-being and motivation of their employees. Covers offers virtual trivia and games to boost team morale, while in-person events bring its international community together to build personal connections. The company is excited to bring new hires to their Nova Scotia team (some for the first time!), and can’t wait to introduce them to Maritime culture. Of course, no Haligonia trip is complete without a Halifax Wanderers game!

Covers’ cross-functional squads help drive their work in an agile environment. Not to mention, their highly qualified editorial and media teams cover major sporting events through a variety of platforms best fit for their audience. For example, any and all football lovers following this NFL season need to checkout The Simple Handicap Podcast with Adam Chernoff!

There’s a long list of benefits to work at Covers, and their home base is no exception! They recently moved to a new 9,000 square foot office in Halifax that is nothing short of the perfect collaborative workspace. Their various TV’s are displaying sports regularly, and even have a bleacher seating for team events! The space was designed to collaborate, catch up, and connect. The company values keeping their tight-knit team feel comfortable and welcome, so whether you work from home or in the office, Covers provides a safe space for everyone to feel connected. constantly strives to improve and grow, motivating the team to put their best foot forward. With that in mind, we cannot wait to see where their passion for sport leads both them and their fans! If you are interested in joining their growing team, check out their open opportunities here.