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Changing the Tourism Landscape with Dashboard Living

Digital Nova Scotia member, Dashboard Living is a hybrid agency that specializes in unique, modern marketing campaigns and influencer marketing. In their role as a micro marketing agency, Dashboard Living supports their clients with marketing initiatives such as performing audits, developing marketing plans and campaigns, managing social media, and managing ad campaigns. They also create front-facing promotions and develop content such as videos, photo assets and blogs.

Their content is experienced, specific, and strategically based on creating unique solutions to achieve the client’s desired outcome

Supporting Tourism through Difficult times

Dashboard Living’s content marketing is in travel, tourism, and hospitality. Their clients consist of tourism boards, organizations, DMO’s, municipalities, event promotion companies, private operators, and other agencies, and even as direct to business such as restaurants, accommodations, breweries, wineries, and tour operators. On the marketing side of their business, they primarily work with small to midsize businesses in Atlantic Canada in all industries, most commonly with hotels, outdoor apparel & retailers, restaurants, jewelers, agricultural brands, product-based and personal brands.

COVID-19 has stopped or slowed many events and festivals in Atlantic Canada over the past year and restricted movement which create challenges when promoting businesses or organizations and this impact has been felt industry wide. However, if last year is any indication, when the Atlantic bubble opens, we will be extremely busy, our calendar is already filling with tentative dates for late spring and summer.

– Brent MacIsaac, Co-Founder of Dashboard Living

Teaming Up to Take on Big Challenges

For the Dashboard Living team, adapting has included a bigger focus on their agency which has grown the most over the last year. They believe part of that growth was due to the changing landscape from COVID-19, which caused business owners to completely modify their sales and marketing strategy, creating demand in the market. The other factor that contributed to their growth over the last year was increasing their visibility- “…being members of organizations like Digital Nova Scotia and The Chamber are key to staying top of mind.”

“One of the most memorable experiences with a client was sitting down just as COVID started,” said Brent “we were tasked with developing replacement campaigns and revenue sources, to adjust for the impact of multiple projects and events being canceled for their organization. Upon completing a consultation, audit and developing strategy, we were able to develop and market three new offerings for our client which resulted in sales growth and increased profit; but most importantly they were offerings that the client enjoyed delivering more than their previous services. What made this special was to see the personal connection and develop a campaign that’s fun while still being results-driven…for us that’s a win!”

In 2021 the team is most excited to be growing and adding to their team as there’s a great deal of opportunity to make a serious impact with modern marketing.

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