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Building Great Teams with innerlogic

With a foundation centered around team’s and how teams work together, innerlogic uses software as a service designed to measure and improve the elements of teamwork often referred to as “intangibles” – things like culture, emotion, leadership, and team compatibility. In short, innerlogic captures the necessary information to measure these elements and then provides dashboards and reports to ignite ongoing awareness and action through discussion.

Their approach to building great teams comes from their experience working as sports scientists with the Canadian Olympic team, where they helped organizations build environments that were both healthy and high-performing. Based on this experience and expertise, innerlogic’s software provides a truly unique culture-building process that unlike most HR platforms, is focused on empowering and connecting team leaders and team members on the “softer” skills correlated with great teamwork. The skills they strive to identify are also most commonly linked to burn-out, dysfunction, and discontent within teams when not developed properly or prioritized.

Identifying Trends to Better Understand Culture

innerlogic works with a variety of clients, they have clients in both sport and business because their platform addresses the fundamental building blocks of culture, teamwork, and collaboration, which tend to be quite universal across a wide range of organizations. In essence, if an organization uses a “team of teams” model (i.e., smaller structured teams within the larger team or organization), innerlogic will work for them. The software also provides higher-level, organizational analytics that summarizes the trends and activity across all of the teams using the platform. This allows those in HR and executive positions to understand culture and mood shifts with great detail and precision.

 COVID has really accelerated the work from home movement, and while innerlogic started as a company exclusively working remotely, there are a number of challenges that have arisen since their team has grown. “It’s difficult to truly understand each other at a deep level and as human beings when you’re only in the same room a handful of times.” Says Michael Bawol, President and Co-Founder of innerlogic, “it can be very challenging to “read the room” or “check the temperature” of your team when the majority of interactions are digital. You miss out on all of the water-cooler moments that help you read someone’s mood and talk about things unrelated to work. In fact, this is one of the key reasons we built innerlogic – to help remote teams stay connected and compassionate on the human emotions that affect teamwork!”

Promoting Healthy Team Habits

In addition to the obvious answer and helping organizations build a great workplace culture, the innerlogic team is most excited about growing their brand, continuing to learn about the sales process, and embarking on the new features and solutions they have in store in 2021. In addition to normalizing cultural and emotional openness in the workplace, they are striving to normalize other healthy team habits like mindfulness and mentorship.

The innerlogic team strives to practice what they preach when it comes to culture and teamwork, and there are four main value statements that they aim to live by on a daily basis:

  • Focus on getting it right, not being right
  • Hold yourself and others accountable at all time
  • Create a safe space for all ideas to be shared
  • Put your well-being first at all times

In terms of what they look for in potential team members, it really comes down to character fit. They make sure their employees are in it for the right reasons, acting in service of creating a great product, if they have integrity, honest, mature communication style, and if they have healthy high-performance habits, capacity to pursue very challenging goals in a healthy, balanced way.

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