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Building a Strong SEO: Zerohero Tech

August 2, 2022

When the Covid-19 pandemic held the world at a standstill, Aidin Talaeizad recognized the shift small and medium sized businesses needed to make to adapt to a digital market. Passionate about providing technological solutions to surrounding communities in Nova Scotia, Aidin launched Zerohero Tech, a full-service agency! From their initial launch to building a highly successful digital footprint, Zerohero Tech supports its clients to optimize growth and reach their fullest potential.

To fully benefit from Zerohero Tech’s wide array of support, they encourage potential clients to understand future requirements in the marketing realm. In 2022 digital marketing is a key strategy that produces powerful and result-oriented results. When talking with Aidin, he identified three channels that he sees are influencing marketing of the future:

  1. Web/App marketing – this is significant to understanding consumer behavior, devising result-orientated marketing campaigns and adapting to market trends. Zerohero Tech’s e-commerce services, helps small businesses build a responsive platform to sell merchandise from any device.
  2. Social Media – an ever-changing platform that possesses the scope to channelize marketing campaigns on a worldwide scale. Zerohero designers provide their clients with the knowledge to utilize current media trends such as live video streaming, social chats and Instagram reels.
  3. SEO marketing and search engine strategies – these are constantly evolving and prompt marketer’s to shift how they reach their target audience. Zerohero’s services use keywords to monitor top ranking web pages and aid their clients to be the first target of researchers.

One of the main things the team at Zerohero Tech emphasizes is the importance for small businesses to maintain a strong SEO. SEO used in English-language sites is mostly white hat, which is divided into three parts: on-page, off-page and technical SEO. That being said, Zerohero designs websites that are completely optimized and standard for technical SEO. Their professional content production team focuses on producing enough organic content to fuel a site’s search engine growth. After fixing any content communication errors on a company’s website, Zerohero links widely used keywords to increase traffic to the site.

Since the pandemic, the future of marketing has shifted beyond traditional strategies and is now majorly based on digitally, and Zerohero’s scope has helped hundreds of businesses build user-friendly and highly ranked websites on the market. Their team is motivated to empower small businesses in Nova Scotia by optimizing their needs in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

With more businesses in the market of digital marketing, Zerohero differentiates themselves from their competitors by always fulfilling customer satisfaction to the highest degree. Each project is assigned to a team expert to consult with clients at every stage, so that together they can meet milestones efficiently. Zerohero Tech strives to provide the highest quality digital and branding services in Nova Scotia, at the most affordable prices.

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