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Bridget Havercroft Photography: Find Your Feeling of Home

I’ve not made a fortune, but in my mind I feel wealthy because of what I have achieved for my clients and their happiness. That’s MY success.

– Bridget Havercroft

With a nomination for the AVCC Women of Excellence Awards 2020/2021 in the category of Home-Based Business Excellence and voted Best Local Photographer for the Valley’s Best of the Bunch in the Grapevine Magazine, Bridget Havercroft has years of experience in exceeding client’s expectations and is passionate about delivering outstanding customer service. Most recently nominated for the 29th annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards for 2021 – she has learned that that passion and determination really do pay off.

I think I realized this was my calling when I was taking images for a family who I had previously captured portraits for over the years and when I asked them where their prints were for their first family portrait, they said they were still on the CD sitting in a drawer somewhere. That’s when I felt I had to do more and offer more so that their story could be told and I added in person sales to my business. As Simon Synek once stated, “ What separates strokes on a canvas and works of art? There is nothing wrong with painting, writing, or creating for yourself; however, art is meant to be enjoyed, gifted. Without an audience, without reception, what’s the point? That’s when everything clicked!

– Bridget Havercroft

Completely self-taught, Bridget admits that she has made many mistakes along the way. However, after each misstep she was able to use that experience to learn, giving her the chance to sharpen and perfect her skills. Starting with landscapes, people, and pets, those were the first subjects that sparked her vision. This vision drove her to capture images for others. Discovering people’s essence has guided her to understand how to create what clients are looking for with her images.

For Bridget, becoming a professional photographer was a natural progression from being a hobbyist and her love of the printed image. Growing up with photos, some of her fondest memories include listening to her grandmother’s stories while viewing the family album. Pictures on the walls of times gone by, and of people who are no longer with us and of far-flung places helped ground her to where she belonged, ultimately giving the feeling of home.

Her magic happens through her keen eye, ability to see things that others can’t, and the editing and tweaking she does post-production. Her professional camera and expensive lenses are only one small part of the whole picture. Self-taught in Photoshop and Lightroom, she has been able to develop her own natural style, mainly with natural light, or occasionally adding additional light to enhance an image.

Being a business owner has been tough, especially as a solo entrepreneur and through the last 2 years in the pandemic. But even through the slow times, I have used the time wisely. Because I am a member of my local chamber of commerce, and of Digital Nova Scotia, I have had access to some amazing training programs such as Financial Management for businesses, Professional Sales, Communication and Digital Marketing to name a few. I have learnt so much through the training itself and interactions with other delegates on the programs. I started things backwards because I didn’t have a business plan (I still don’t really have one), or a financial plan, but I’m now employing someone through the Landing Strong program. Although it’s on a part time basis, I’m hoping she will soon become a full time employee.

– Bridget Havercroft

What interests her the most about her line of work is seeing the transformation as the session evolves. That’s where her passion truly lies. It’s about wanting to create emotion that lives on either through a snapshot in time, or by capturing the essence of you or your products that will resonate with the viewer.

When I’ve captured THAT moment, I’m like a child and I clap my hands in glee. If my clients or friends are reading this, they’ll be nodding and saying ‘yes she does’!! Then at the reveal session, seeing the light in my client’s eyes (and the tears) when they see how great they or their products look.

– Bridget Havercroft

With varied clients, she does many different types of sessions. These include: family and pet sessions, lifestyle sessions including weddings, graduations, and prom, to the varied businesses that need corporate headshots, branding, and product photography for a website or a new menu. From the real estate agent needing high-quality images for their listings, to the Winery needing their stories being told of the vineyard.

When the retail and restaurant world had to suddenly switch to selling things online or go bust because of the pandemic, Bridget knew she had to help. With the help of a fellow photographer, she put together an in-person workshop, teaching people how to take better pictures with just their smartphones. It’s mainly for iPhone users, but there is a lot of content which works for all smartphones. It’s a three-hour course and can be tailored to a specific business or category. She’s currently offering this course at $99 per person with a minimum of 6 people per class.

If anyone is interested in getting on the waiting list for the next one or would like for her to tailor a course for their business or for a group of family and friends, she is reachable at 902-691-3453 for more information.

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