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Blue Cow Marketing: Helping Small Businesses Reach Their Potential

Shaun Whynaucht has always had a passion for working with small businesses. While living in British Columbia for a few years, Shaun started his own marketing agency with a vision to help other small businesses reach their full potential. The seeds were planted, but it wasn’t until 2010 when Shaun moved back home to Nova Scotia, incorporated, and doubled down on his digital marketing certifications that Blue Cow Marketing was truly born.

Since then, Blue Cow Marketing has worked with many business owners across Canada and the United States, helping them automate the marketing tasks that have been eating up their time and causing them to lose enjoyment in their business. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Shaun to find out more about his experience working with small businesses, and what the pandemic has taught him about the business landscape moving forward.

Having worked with small businesses and large companies throughout his career, Shaun’s true calling was clear from the beginning. He found working with small businesses to be far more enjoyable because of the undeniable passion for the work that they do. Contrary to large corporations, a small business’s ability to quickly pivot and change directions allows for external agencies like Blue Cow to be able to frequently test new angles. With fewer corporate obstacles to navigate, small businesses can push fresh content ideas, giving them greater opportunities to discover what strategies work best in growing their brand.

In assisting small businesses, Shaun believes that automation is the key. In a small team, there are limited resources, and time is of the essence. That’s why Blue Cow’s mission is to enable small businesses to be as productive as possible, and ensure that entrepreneurs feel as though their business is working for them, as opposed to them working for their business. By automating many aspects of their business that are repetitive, Blue Cow gives back more time for small teams to do the things they are passionate about.

Like many digital agencies, business throughout the pandemic was booming for Blue Cow Marketing. They had already been doing virtual meetings and building distanced relationships prior to the emergence of COVID-19, and had established the framework that would be needed to survive in the new business landscape. In many ways, Blue Cow was ahead of the game, and it paid off. According to Shaun, the biggest insight gained during the pandemic was that taking the time to streamline processes and remove unnecessary steps is key to being lean and building profitability.

“I’m confident that we will probably see a lot of what business owners did to survive stay in place post-pandemic because of how much easier it served them and their clients.”
– Shaun Whynaucht, Founder and CEO of Blue Cow Marketing

Blue Cow Marketing has recently been making big strides, primarily with the creation of a framework called The Content Amplification Method. This method aims to teach tangible marketing skills to clients who are looking to start creating content for their business, maximizing the reach and return for their efforts. Over the last two years, Shaun has focused on helping businesses streamline their podcasts, blogs, and videos, while developing systems to keep their content organized.

Do you own a small business and are interested in maximizing the reach of your marketing content? We invite you to visit Blue Cow Marketing’s website where you can check out their latest blogs, or book a free consultation with Shaun to see how Blue Cow can help take your small business to the next level.