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Barrington Consulting, A Small Firm with Big Firm Expertise, Services and Knowledge

December 8, 2020

Digital Nova Scotia member, Barrington Consulting, is an Atlantic Canadian company that specializes in business and IT projects of all sizes. Barrington works with organizations to help strategize, plan, and implement change through business and information technology consulting services. Barrington’s team regularly delivers the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Strategy & Advisory Services
  • Change Management, Communications & Training
  • Technology – requirements definition and product selection​, architecture and infrastructure, QA & testing, system integration and implementation, IT operations and service delivery
  • Process Improvement
  • Business Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Digital Services
  • Privacy

Providing Reliable Expertise to Industry Leaders

A small firm with big firm expertise, services and knowledge, Barrington is interested in making a difference in the local community. Barrington’s culture of entrepreneurship and experimentation encourages employees to advance new opportunities and deliver innovative solutions. Barrington is part of an ecosystem of companies with complementary skills and experience. Within this ecosystem, Barrington is relied upon for expertise in management consulting, project management, business, and systems analysis, as well as change management and training. The ecosystem partners regularly provide Barrington with expertise in cybersecurity, threat risk assessments, UX, usability, .NET application development, interim executive management support, and industry expertise.

Barrington’s clients are as diverse as the consultants who work for them. Whether it is a system to track a public transit bus or the development of a digital solution so citizens can apply for a government service, Barrington’s consultants have been there, side-by-side with their clients, to help them achieve their goals. For instance, they have gone to the food processing plants of Nova Scotia to evaluate client processes from producer to shipment. The Barrington Consulting team works with Higher Education institutions on strategy and modernization and with health care organizations to streamline processes and analyze data to improve policy and decision making.

At the end of the day, we take pride in helping our clients reach their goals and seeing those goals translate directly into improving our communities.

– Jessica McDonald, Administrative Coordinator at Barrington Consulting

Making a Community Impact

Giving back to the community is part of Barrington’s culture.

One initiative Barrington’s employees take great pride in is the development of a digital service for Service Nova Scotia and its Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP). HARP is vital to Nova Scotia residents who need support with paying their heating costs. Lower income individuals and families can access the user-friendly digital service to check their eligibility for HARP, apply for the program, and verify the status of their application. This digital service is a complete end-to-end solution that integrates with various backend systems along with providing a direct deposit option with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). To date, over 15,000 citizens/year have used the digital service to help individuals and families with their heating costs. Barrington’s employees are constantly amazed at how a technology solution can play an important role in helping to make people’s lives easier!

Resilient and Flexible to Change

Going beyond project engagements, Barrington is currently completing the steps to become a Certified B Corporation and looks forward to joining the B Corp community that works toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. Building those bridges between Barrington’s work and the communities its employees live in helps in achieving these goals; fostering the relationships with the B Corp community reinforces the Barrington culture that even small changes can have a global impact.

COVID-19 has challenged Barrington to adopt, and help its clients get comfortable with, a work from home (WFH) model that leverages a variety of virtual communication and delivery channels.  Barrington’s employees and clients have both demonstrated resilience and adjusted well to the WFH model, and the emerging result is a culture shift that embraces flexibility in where and how work is done.

Here is what some of Barrington’s team members had to share about what excites them most working for Barrington or within technology:

“At Barrington Consulting we often get to see the results of our work being used every day by the public, (transit, Nova Scotia online services, new DMV licencing technology).  It’s exciting knowing what you are working on will improve the lives of everyone around you (public good, etc.)”

“I’d say that the thing that most excites me is the openness to innovation and new ideas I see from the senior leadership as well as the sense I get that BCG really tries to foster the growth and interests of its people in a number of ways.”

“What excites me the most about working for Barrington is the ability to grow as a professional in the organization. There are a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities to grow the business, engage new clients, and attract new industries. The culture of the firm is also very supportive and inviting. I feel like I can talk to anyone in the firm on almost any topic. It’s a very diverse firm and I feel like I learn from others every single day.”

“What excites me the most about working in technology is being able to see the benefit of our work to clients.  We get to see how their day to day or their ability to serve their own clients is tangibly improved. Working with Barrington Consulting you largely see that benefit realized locally. Seeing how quickly our team was able to help develop solutions when key services that directly serve our community were unable to operate due to Covid-19 was incredible.”

“Having my friends tell me about a change in our community and knowing I helped make it happen.”

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