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Alley Kat Web Consulting: Placing Expertise in Your Corner

With more than a decade of experience, in 2020, Allan J. Lefebvre’s dream of running his own business came with Alley Kat Web Consulting. Since opening their doors, Alley Kat Web Consulting has offered expert advice to businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations, helping them increase their chances of success online. Alley Kat Web Consulting optimizes professional websites and social media platforms by offering the following services: design, development, online support and education.

Alley Kat Web Consulting is not an ordinary web design service – the company value’s meaningful client relationships – and every client receives the proper guidance and education. They partner with businesses with the potential for growth and who are willing and ready to apply the necessary attention, goals and strategies to build their online presence.

When we’re talking with our members, we always like to ask about a memorable project. Alley Kat Web Consulting chose their experience partnering with the Yarmouth Farmers Community Market on their rebranding and new website. Despite the project coming to a close, their partnership continues – , the team at Alley Kat continues to support the Yarmouth Farmers Community Market as they align their websites with digital trends and the needs of their patrons.

Alley Kat Web Consulting also offers a white-labeled or white-glove approach to fulfill client needs. Allan explains how this program allows his organization to act as a third-party web designer. By retaining this information from clients, consumers receive outstanding services, while partnering businesses receive the value of positive feedback.

Alley Kat Web Consulting has achieved success by advising their clients on the key factors in developing an innovative digital presence. When we asked where people should start, here’s what they shared:

  • Have clearly defined goals. Determine what your company hopes to accomplish and the type of digital impact you would like to have on visitors accessing your website.
  • Have consistent brand elements. Consistent branding across all platforms increases recognition and forms a cohesive look.
  • Consider your clientele. Always refer back to the needs and preferences of your target audience. What platforms do they use, how will you generate quality leads?
  • Know your budget and what experts you need in your corner. Outsourcing expertise can come at a cost, but should be an investment towards the quality of your work.
  • Be a participant in the process, not just an observer. A successful marketer should ask questions at the discovery part of the project and be prepared to answer brand related questions.

As Alley Kat Web Consulting continues to grow their clientele, they are passionate about making the process smoother no matter what service they provide. This led Allan to develop a 4-point preliminary program to open client communication, and acquire any necessary information.

The process begins with a 30-minute needs assessment to discuss client goals and establish the best approach to reach desired results. Alley Kat’s team will develop a proposal outlining the scope of the project including timeline, crucial details and steps from point A to B.

Allan emphasizes client satisfaction, as his team will only move forward with the discovery phase until the client is content with the chosen strategy. After receiving an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and competition, Alley Kat Web Consulting is well positioned to guide marketing efforts from start to finish.

Join us in celebrating Alley Kat Web Consulting as Digital Nova Scotia’s September Member of the Month! To learn more about their consulting services, we invite you to check out their Website!