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Concertia Helps Clients Compete Globally

July 16, 2020

Concertia is a professional services organization that helps clients implement better business processes to increase their ability to compete in the global marketplace. Based in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Concertia implements business rules automation and business process management strategies to help their clients grow through innovative business and IT solutions.

Concertia was founded in 1999 and currently has 45 people working with the organization. The Concertia team includes project managers, technical architects, developers, and business analysts. The team has extensive expertise in systems architecture, application development, systems integration, and business technology innovations. “We listen to our clients, and we make technology work hand-in-hand with their business,” says Paul McDonald, Concertia’s Business Development and General Manager.

Business Rules Automation

Many enterprise IT systems were built to enforce rules. These rules were typically buried in the code. Changing them required sometimes large-scale development and testing efforts. Concertia implements the tools to have business decisions made outside of these systems. Business stakeholders are given visibility into, control over, and automation of point-in-time business decisions.

“Business rules automation is about change,” says Paul. “If your organization’s rules and decisions do not change, then there’s probably no need to put them in a business rules automation system. But for rules that do change, like pricing, eligibility criteria and approvals, we can help manage that change.”

Some potential benefits of business rules automation:

  • Enabling rapid and agile change
  • Capturing the knowledge of your experts for reuse
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Refining and updating decisions
  • Facilitating compliance
  • Improving customer service

The ability to provide personalized customer service is a great reason to implement business rules automation. Imagine your front line customer service agents having a system that takes into account all it knows about a customer, across many systems and data points, and have it provide a consistent answer to questions, have it present personalized offers and upgrades, and provide accurate, instant decisions, all based on business rules and customer information. Concertia can give you that ability by using existing systems and data, through business rules automation.

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