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$20K prize for Women in Digital

January 29, 2019

L’Oréal Canada, along with URelles and Campus InfoPresse, is sponsoring a $20K prize for Women in Digital. The Women in Digital contest is an initiative of L’Oréal Canada, in partnership with URelles and Campus InfoPresse.

L’Oréal Canada is seeking a female founder of a Canadian start-up in the tech and digital fields, who has the potential to revolutionize the digital sphere. She must embody innovation and shape the next generation of the tech and digital fields in Canada.

Canadian women entrepreneurs in technology are invited to apply on the program site between December 17, 2018, and February 28, 2019. The 5 semifinalists in the L’Oréal Canada Women in Digital contest will be invited to the L’Oréal Canada awards gala in Montreal, which will be sponsored by Chloé Freslon. The winner will receive a tailor-made training program from Campus InfoPresse and will be mentored by one of the jury members. She will also receive a $20,000 prize to help fund her company.

Why is L’Oréal launching a contest with prize money? It’s no surprise that the tech entrepreneurship scene is male-dominated. We need more women tech entrepreneurs. And to get there, we need… more women tech entrepreneurs!

Women entrepreneurs support other women entrepreneurs. They create companies, sell companies, earn more capital and support even more women. Overall, society and industry need more women in tech. Here’s why:

Research has shown that diversified teams work better. When people of different genders, origins and backgrounds come together, they bring varied points of view, which can lead to innovative solutions. Given the labour shortage in IT, we can’t afford to not be hiring half the population: women.

The number of jobs in the STEM fields is on the rise. And these are lucrative jobs. The STEM fields are essential to tackling the impacts of climate change, information wars and the shift in job sectors, to name only a few. Therefore, it’s critical that women reap the benefits of this industry and participate in the search for solutions.