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About WorkInsights

WorkInsights is an analytic tool that supports you to lead your organization shaping the working environment to enable people to optimize their collective functional performance while protecting their wellbeing – for healthy growth, healthy companies, and healthy lives.

With the incredibly fast pace of change today, you need employees who are not only ready for and responsive to change, but capable of thinking about what will come next and innovating to take advantage of the opportunity.

As the need for enhanced people performance has increased so has the pressure to move faster and further with less and employees are experiencing far higher levels of stress. And the collective functioning of the organization does not result in the outcomes as planned or expected. You feel something is missing that can’t be explained or easily identified, but it is creating problems with performance. Targets, expectations, and results are being missed and the organization is not moving to where it needs to be. The stress of the organization to work more effectively exceeds the capacity to get there.

The paradox that you face: the greater the need for worker performance, the more the working environment creates stress that limits the potential of those same workers.

WorkInsights maps the productive energy of an organization to profile how the working environment limits or leverages the capacity for change, growth, innovation, and productivity.