St. Francis Xavier University – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

About St. Francis Xavier University

St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) is one of Canada’s leading undergraduate universities with a longstanding tradition of academic excellence in teaching, research and service to society.
The digital technologies at StFX are well supported in education and research with a Mathematics and Statistics Department, and a Computer Science Department. At the Computer Science Masters level, there is offered both a research-based Master’s of Science (MSc) and a course-based Master’s of Applied Science in Computer Science (MASc) where students complete real-world project.

Faculty and students in both departments are available to assist industry partners solve complex problems. There are opportunities for co-op placements of advanced students, and applied R&D assistance from Faculty to assist the many businesses in Nova Scotia who need mathematical, statistical, and computing / software expertise to innovate and grow.

For more information on how StFX can assist your business in mathematics, statistics, and computing, contact Andrew Kendall, Manager of Industry Liaison and Technology Transfer, at
[email protected]