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About Minnikin Resources Inc.


Governance: Well begun is half done. Good governance, well practiced leads to more successful and more profitable companies. With education and experience leading both we can help assess and provide guidance for your business.

Raising Capital: Whether you need short term financing for trade transactions or you are looking to raise a round of capital to accommodate growth and expansion, we provide the experience, advice and assistance you need.

Interim Leadership: When you need an effective transition, its important to take your time selecting the right permanent leader for your organization. A rushed decision is never the most effective solution. With an accomplished history as a leader I can ensure that you maintain a stable and effective team while you take the time to select the right leader for the long term.

Program Oversight and Management: With a strong track record of managing the multiple and complex projects that make up large, multi-year programs;We provide the vision and discipline to establish the clear processes, procedures, people skills and structure to deliver on time and on budget.

IT Assessment and Strategic Planning: Technology represents the second largest expenditure in many of today’s businesses; second only to labour. We will assess the health of your technology and the risk factors associated with both the technology and people changes your organization might be facing in the next five years.

Health checks, Coaching, Implementation and Benefits Realization: Once a project begins, it often takes on a life of its own. The key is to have a third party provide periodic health checks and an objective assessment of progress at milestones during the project implementation.