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Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia

What is GANS?

GANS is a Professional Association that seeks to further the Geomatics profession, and the interests of individuals and organizations engaged in the profession.

Why GANS Exists?

GANS purpose is to promote the varied applications of the profession, support the needs of the community and strengthen the capabilities of the individuals engaged in the Geomatics profession.

Who is GANS?

GANS is a community of students, professionals, organizations and employers who are engaged directly or indirectly in the Geomatics profession.

They are members are from the private sector, government and academia.

The GANS Geographic Education Project is used to promote the importance of learning geography.  This project would be of interest to many DNS members who may want to consider sharing it in future communications.

The custom designed posters are professionally printed and sent to the corresponding high school that the featured professional on the poster graduated from. GANS believes that this initiative helps promote both high school geography and the industry, ultimately resulting in more students pursuing geospatial studies and careers after they leave high school. It also provides more knowledge to the teachers, parents, and general public about what our industry does, and how GANS provide services and knowledge that they depend upon every day.

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