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About Compugen

To innovate industries, transform businesses, connect communities, and drive meaningful change, we must think bigger, reach broader, and act bolder. Through knowledge, curiosity, and collaboration, Compugen helps organizations deliver experience by design.

This is what it means to be human-centred and technology-enabled. We believe that partner is a verb. With Compugen as your ally from day one, you see and feel the difference. This is where inspiration meets impact.

Relentlessly Curious

We think differently. We ask questions in an unending pursuit to uncover your why. From the way we engage internally to the bonds we build with our customers and community, this no-stone-unturned passion translates possibility into reality.

Collaborative at the Core

We are grounded in the potential of technology and the impact of people. Through deep discussion and challenging inquiry, we embrace diverse perspectives and celebrate unique views. With true trust in each other creative ideas flow, goals are achieved, and innovation abounds.

Driven to Make a Difference

When you have innovation at hand and intention in your heart, one person can drive change. With one word, one device, one connection; change ignites, and all will flourish. Get an Ally in Your Technology Journey. We deliver experience by design; visit to start now: