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About Binogi

Binogi is a multilingual, digital learning platform for students in grades 5-10. On the basis of animated learning videos and quizzes, the subjects taught in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and social studies are taught either in one of six languages ​​with freely chosen subtitles. In addition to German and English, the languages ​​are Arabic, Dari, Somali and Tigrinya.

Feedback from teachers
The integration will be accelerated by one year as students, despite language barriers, can understand and learn lesson content, regardless of their language level, say Swedish teachers, where the learning platform is already being used successfully.

200,000 pupils in over 60 municipalities have been studying with the sister platform since 2014.

Digital, equitable learning
Binogi includes the ESD topics in digital learning material. In particular, immigrant students overcome with Binogi easier language barriers and their integration and the preparation for the school graduation succeed much faster.

Further development of native language
The learning success in language acquisition as well as in the subject comprehension is demonstrably greater, if pupils, for which German is a foreign language Facheinhalte first in their native language – and only then the German correspondence learn.