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Silver Economy Summit 2021

The Silver Economy Summit will showcase the contributions of older adults in our province and the positive social and economic impact of their work. The Summit will help older adults to gain an understanding the trends, needs and interests of an aging demographic and highlight the opportunities within this growing population. If you are interested in finding your "Why", or how older adults in our province are making social and economic impacts - this conference is for you. If you are working full or part-time, or looking for opportunities to connect to your community to volunteer, start a business, or retire with a purpose - this conference is for you. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities and possibilities for older adults, and participating in the conversation - this conference is for you. There is no registration cost for this virtual event. Register

Where does change begin? – An introduction to the Gender Diversity Playbook

Join Digital Nova Scotia as we partner with two co-authors of the Gender Diversity Pledge for a virtual event where they will discuss why gender diversity is important, what the digital industry looks like today, why the Gender Diversity Pledge was created, and how companies can take action and begin to make meaningful changes within their organization today, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. Meet Your Instructors Sarah Murphy Sarah Murphy is an entrepreneur and one of the creators and co-host of the Rival & Queen Podcast. She previously had a VC-backed tech company, and most recently co-authored the Gender Diversity Pledge: a playbook for tech companies on how to build a diverse company. Maddie Coombes As a Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) candidate, and co-author of the Gender Diversity Pledge, Maddie is committed to building diverse, inclusive, and innovative companies by paving the way for positive change in equal opportunity employment. Maddie is the Human Resources Manager at Sequence Bio, a Newfoundland and Labrador biotechnology company studying our province’s unique genetic makeup to discover better, safer medicines and improve how we treat and prevent diseases. Register

SEO Brunch

Join us for SEO Brunch the last Monday of every month. Learn valuable SEO tips & share knowledge with a group of like-minded individuals. SEO Brunch | Event Schedule 12:30-1:00: 10-Minute SEO Audit (TBA) 1:00-1:30: Guest Talk (TBA) 1:30-2:00: Q&A Period What is SEO Brunch? SEO Brunch is a meet-up of people who are interested in Search Engine Optimization. The community varies from professionals who have worked in the space for a long time to those new to the industry. Some regular attendees include: seasoned SEO professionals affiliate marketers who generate a large portion of their traffic and sales from organic search new-to-the-industry marketers tasked with improving their companies organic visibility business owners that want to improve traffic to their website professionals with other marketing specialties who want to align their approach to SEO those that are always curious and want to learn Webinar Details Our event will be hosted on Zoom which can be used (for free) in-browser as well as through their downloadable app. Anybody interested in joining needs to get their free ticket here & we will then send you the link to our Zoom webinar. Please join us & ask lots of questions! Powered by: Digital […]

Setting Your Service Business Apart – Charging Profitable Prices with Marketing Strategy

When we get stuck selling our hours instead of our ideas, it can be difficult to charge profitable prices. And when clients make decisions based on price alone, owners of service businesses can struggle to create a margin of profit—or space to breathe—in their company. In this webinar, Joel Kelly of The Family Knife Marketing Consultancy will show the owners of service businesses how to set their company apart from the pack and attract motivated customers and clients who are happy to pay profitable prices. Joel Kelly, Principal, The Family Knife Joel focuses all his energy on strategy, helping business owners make marketing decisions that will get them closer to what they truly want. He aspires to be a living marketing history book, with a focus on our industry’s evolution, and the important lessons learned along the way. And he strives to find the right reference, anecdote or illustration for every business situation. His background in marketing, copywriting, crisis management, and leadership helps his clients create marketing strategies that work and teams that succeed. Register

Writing Website Content that Resonates

If your website has been on a hiatus during the pandemic, now is the time to bring it back to life and change up your content. However, the world today is very different from the one we knew, so it's important to remember: “this isn't business as usual”. Great content makes a better website, it also improves your site’s SEO rankings, which can have a very positive impact on your business. It’s important to do it right. In this webinar, Maria McGowan from Sociable Media will look at what makes great content, how to write for your audience and ways to improve your website to make a better user experience. Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop: - How to write for a new normal: decide what content will be interesting for the reader and also reflects your brand story - Edit and proofread like a pro: transform your writing into content that is easy to read and add the details that help someone choose you over a competitor - Visuals are everything: say it with video and photos in a meaningful and emotional way - How to optimize your web pages for Search Engine Optimization (content that addresses what […]

Project Management Tools – Selecting the right solution for you, your business and your team

With so many new solutions on the market, it’s no wonder companies have a hard time identifying and selecting the right project and portfolio management tool for their businesses and their teams. Join Cynthia Giles, CEO of Capstone Project Solutions, as she describes the categories of technical solutions and highlights the benefits and challenges of each. Cynthia will discuss tips and recommended best practices for selecting the right project management tool for your business and she’ll outline the benefits of PM Broker that can make the job so much easier. About Cynthia Giles Operational maverick, top level consensus broker and change agent. Recognized as a highly energetic and effectual leader with 20+ years leading business process improvements and managing projects across industry types. Collaborative communication style complementing savvy negotiation skills and a natural ability to strategically engage stakeholders at every level of the organization and at each step of the project. Collaborates closely with finance, operations and corporate services, building strong cross-functional teams and effective implementation. Credited with leading projects of all sizes totaling over $234M in value. Register  

Risk Management for Tech Businesses

When Plan A doesn’t go the way it was intended, it is important to have a Plan B and C but why is it necessary to have plans in place for when things go wrong? Join Digital Nova Scotia and Marc Charbonneau of dlP Business Consulting to learn about Risk Management in the tech sector. In this webinar you will learn; – How risks are a result of ambiguity and uncertainty, and how these can be grouped as known-knowns, known-unknowns, unknown-unknowns and how these each fit into estimates, risk budgets, management reserve, and how these affect margin and price. – How to identify and assess risks including prioritizing and quantifying them. – Strategies to deal with risks and how to report progress on the effectiveness of those strategies. – How inaction can leave quite a bit of risk exposure near the end of a project when your resources have mostly been expended, whereas taking action early on will lead to greater success.   About Marc Charbonneau Marc is an entrepreneurial business consultant with over 20 years of experience, specializing in strategic planning, business development, and project management. He is a graduate from the Royal Military College of Canada with a […]


Join Digital Nova Scotia and Calvino Anderson, Client Director with Compugen for a virtual networking event to meet, catch up and socialize with folks within the tech community. Whether you're working in tech, interested in tech, or studying tech, this event will be a great chance to interact with like-minded individuals. Calvino will kick things off by discussing the 2021 Atlantic Tech Summit, their call for speakers, and what exciting things are in store for this year's event! A discussion on high-level process improvement and digital transformation will be hosted by Calvino in the main chat room, and networking rooms for one-on-one catchups or specific topics will be available. We hope to see you there! REGISTER

Spark Your Inner Storyteller

Story Strategist Erin Trafford will highlight THE primary need for any business and share an overview of her 9 Step Story Strategy Framework to meet that need. She will also explain how to leverage creative storytelling to grow your business. Building on her previous Spotlight Sessions, Erin will share actionable tips you can start using immediately to build a better, more aligned content strategy for you and your business. In this webinar you will; - Get a look at the 9 Step Story Strategy Framework that Erin uses with her clients as they develop their personal and business brands - Break down how you can start to build a content strategy that feels good for you - Get actions and insights so you can start creative storytelling right away About Erin Trafford, CEO of Erin Trafford Inc. Erin is a digital Story strategist specializing in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find and tell their Stories in a way that feels good and grows their bottom line. She is an award-winning journalist, blogger, consultant, and strategist. She owns Erin Trafford Inc., which has two arms;, a coaching and consulting company and Story Studio Network- Canada’s first audio-on-demand talk show network. […]

Videography: Bringing New Life to Your Social Media Presence

Join Matt and Ryker from Rove Productions for a lesson in videography for social media marketing. Find out what kind of videos you can create yourself and what is best to outsource to professionals. See how a website video, key product launch or an evergreen video can be seen and used over and over again. Many Instagram posts, reels and stories can be easily created on the fly with an iPhone! Learn about the apps you can use to create and edit videos and the basics you need to know to ensure you are ready to hit play and bring new life to your social media presence! Although Matt and Ryker use an iPhone, most of the apps they use are also available on Android. REGISTER

The Whys and Hows of Machine Learning

Join Mat Larade as he gives an introduction to machine learning and what it can do for you and your organization’s analytical tools. He will begin by defining machine learning and basic terminology, before dispelling a few common myths. He’ll then discuss the internal resources you should ideally have in place from the outset of a project. He’ll also briefly outline some of the costs and processes to build the cornerstone of machine learning - a data pipeline - and talk about some of its specific parts and their respective challenges. Finally, Mat will discuss the cost-benefits associated with starting a machine learning project, and ways to help safeguard its success and sustainability, before ending with a discussion of some of the common pitfalls to avoid from a managerial perspective. This is a beginner session oriented to business owners and project managers curious to learn more about machine learning, or who may have an idea that involves machine learning, but don’t know where to begin. About the Presenter Mat Larade, Research Consultant at ACENET Mat joined ACENET in 2019 as a Research Consultant specializing in applied machine learning. He hails from Cape Breton, but has made his home on Prince […]

Adapting to the No-Office Normal

Information, privacy professional, and frequently offsite consultant Victoria McIntosh invites businesses to learn effective methods for allowing staff to work from home, in-office, or across the country while still protecting information assets. Deployment of remote security management differs from office programs, but the goal remains the same. Security, in-house or offsite, aims for timely access by the right users to accurate information. We want to allow entry to information resources for verified staff while shutting out external threats. For organizations, this means a plan for what staff needs to access, and how they can protect it from where ever they choose to work. About the Presenter Victoria McIntosh, Information and Privacy Professional, and Owner of Information in Bloom Management Services Victoria McIntosh is an information and privacy professional in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Holding a Masters in Library and Information Science, she puts the pieces together. Certified as an IAPP Information Privacy Technologist, Victoria brings privacy expertise to operations. She is keen on foundational privacy and security practices, enjoying opportunities to discuss and educate others with conversations, presentations, and material development. Presently, Victoria operates under her freelance consulting firm: Information in Bloom Management Services. REGISTER