APEC has released their latest report “Labour and Skill Shortages in Atlantic Canada: An Assessment and Discussion of How to Move Forward”

In this brief report, APEC synthesises some of the current data and its recent analyses on the subject of labour and skill shortages in Atlantic Canada and shares some of its thoughts and ideas on how to respond to them. Anecodal reports and surveys of employers point to labour challenges as a barrier to business growth. These reports should not be surprising as traditional labour market indicators reveal the changing nature of the region’s labour market. Overall, the data are consistent with employer reports of increasing difficulties in securing the labour they need. They include declining unemployment rates, low unemployment rates in the region’s cities, higher numbers of vacancies, increasing immigration and a gain in real wages. Demographic and other trends suggest these concerns will continue.

Read the report here: APEC Report – Labour and Skills Shortages in Atlantic Canada (Jan 2020)