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Quantum communications

We are seeking pre-commercial innovative prototypes that can be tested in real life settings and address a variety of priorities within the Government of Canada.

Problem statement

Quantum technologies are at the cutting edge of science and innovation, both in Canada and worldwide. As an enabling platform, quantum is leading to a new suite of technologies in computing, sensors, secure communications and advanced materials. These technologies will support the growth of key sectors such as computing, communications, security, transportation, aviation and logistics.

Quantum communications technologies are of particular interest to the Government of Canada (GoC) in a range of theatres from military and secure communications, to communications related to Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), to quantum information distribution and management. Long-distance communication is hindered by the effects of signal loss and decoherence inherent to most transport mediums such as optical fiber or through the atmosphere. In classic communications, amplifiers can be used to boost the signal during transmission, but in a quantum network amplifiers cannot be used since qubits cannot be copied. ISC is soliciting proposals seeking a variety of quantum solutions that can assist the GoC in the development and eventual application of quantum communications technologies.


Quantum repeater: A true quantum repeater allows for the end-to-end generation of quantum entanglement, and by using quantum teleportation, allows for the end-to-end transmission of qubits. In quantum key distribution protocols, one can test for such entanglement.

QKD: Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a secure communication method for distributing encryption keys only known between shared parties. The communication method uses properties found in quantum physics to exchange cryptographic keys in such a way that is provable and theoretically secure.


Innovations must meet at least ONE outcome to qualify under SC4 and up to FOUR to score full points under PR7

  • Quantum Technologies or components with the potential for eventual application in any of the following fields: defence, telecom, aviation, finance, energy, or advanced manufacturing.
  • Quantum communications hardware, software or supporting equipment that is in the prototype stage and ready for testing, using commercially available infrastructure.
  • Quantum communications hardware with high rate quantum light sources such as weak coherent pulsed sources, or entangled photon sources, or a single photon source.
  • Hardware solutions including quantum transducers (frequency converters).
  • Quantum enabling technologies, electronic and detection components, such as non-photonics-based enabling tech and components to support in the deployment of quantum communications technologies.
  • QKD solutions and quantum encryptions solutions (EXCLUDING post-quantum cryptography solutions).
  • Quantum Repeaters or quantum memory solutions.
  • Error correction solutions that account for both loss and operational errors in quantum communications.

ISC will NOT accept (out of scope):

Post-quantum cryptography components or solutions.

Response Deadline

July 6, 2022


June 15, 2022 - July 6, 2022

Contact for Offer

Innovative Solutions Canada


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