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Learn fundamental digital skills in a no-pressure environment!

What to expect

Tech Shy to Tech Savvy is a program where participants can learn fundamental digital skills in a no-pressure environment. Leveraging community-based classes, the program provides equipment and one-on-one support with the option of accelerated learning for citizens in need of more in-depth experience. The seven module course has been designed for easy learning and will touch on key aspects of integrating technology into daily life.

Training opportunities will take place in Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding areas, Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton, and the South/South West Shore regions.

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Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand computing, its impact and how it can help us connect

  • Connect to the internet and use tools to navigate the we

  • Be safe with personal information and protect their privacy and data

  • Learn safe digital habits

  • Create a social media presence and understand the different platforms

  • Efficiently use applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Create a blog or website and understand cloud storage

  • Know how to differentiate between social and business use

  • Discuss new and upcoming technologies