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Facilitating Gender Inclusivity: Arbuckle Media

The conversations around gender diversity in the tech sector is not new, nor a recent phenomenon. The industry is actually still predicted to remain male-dominated leading into 2023. Despite the lack of female representation, there are more resources than ever to encourage and celebrate women in Tech.

One of which is telling stories, like Arbuckle Media.

Opening their doors in 2015, Arbuckle Media is an award-winning marketing agency that leads product-based brands to their fullest potential by building e-commerce experiences and generating demand for their clients. They’ve seen tremendous growth over the last number of years by focusing on the impact that marketing technologies, specifically marketing automations have on any business.

As a male CEO leading a fully-female team, Joel Arbuckle expressed how it is vital to be a facilitator of change, both in the services they provide and in their workplace culture.

“Our mandate is to create good career jobs for women, non-binary, trans-identifying, and underrepresented peoples in tech. By creating a workplace that looks beyond one’s identity, appearance and/or disability, and creates opportunities for one another to learn, grow, and thrive in one of the most cutting-edge industries in the world.” – Joel Arbuckle

Arbuckle Media recognizes that diversity within an organization expands the capabilities of that organization, along with all those we work with. Joel made a point to recognize how marketing and culture are intertwined. In order for an organization’s branding to emulate realistic gender diversity, marketers must be open and understanding of their customer, no matter their perspective.

At Arbuckle Media, building an inclusive company culture started with hiring the best human for the job. By being progressive and keeping an open mind during the hiring process, leaders can highlight underrepresented talent, like women in tech, and open the door to equal opportunities. To further support female team members, Arbuckle Media has partnered with the Center for Women in Business to provide women on their team with additional networking and mentorship opportunities with female leads.

Aside from Joel, DNS also spoke with Elise Snow-Kropla and Kshiti Ghelani from Arbuckle Media to highlight their perspective as women in tech and their experiences entering the industry. Both women share a driving curiosity that attracted them to the forever evolving and creative tech realm.

When asked why it was important to increase the representation of women in tech, it was made clear how not having women at the forefront of innovation wouldn’t help guide our future.

“If 50% of our population is missing from the conversation, the industry is not considering half of the creativity, experiences and needs that matter.” Kshiti explained how the gender gap is derived from a lack of education within the field. If women aren’t targeted in community initiatives to encourage STEM learning, it is harder for women to picture themselves within the tech industry.

With 80% of employees at Arbuckle Media identifying as women, Elise and Kshiti are true advocates for the company’s workplace culture. Elise and Kshiti feel supported at Arbuckle Media, which only fuels their drive to increase women in tech even more!

“Inclusion needs to start right from the beginning. It’s critical to support girls and young women in school, understanding the structural and social dynamics that lead to dwindling interest and participation in STEM as they get older.” – Elise Snow-Kropla

Joel emphasized the need for private companies, nonprofits and our provincial and federal leaders to create fully-funded or subsidized opportunities for female professional development. Sharing that he believes the addition of women and other underrepresented peoples in tech or tech adjacent roles should be a priority for all employers and supporters in the industry.
If you’re interested in learning more about Arbuckle Media’s initiatives in supporting women in tech or potential career opportunities, check out their website!