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Whether you’re a Start-up or a SME, this program will assist your company in navigating new sales channels to accelerate business growth! Led by John Robertson of XLR8Now, this program will help you focus on generating cash flow, attracting investment, developing strategic partners, accelerating sales, exporting, identifying market drivers, building professional networks, distribution and agents, and resellers!



The XLR8 bootcamp is an advanced channel and business development program. To be considered for this program, participants must have a solid grasp on the following:

  • your idea/solution and unfair advantage in the market
  • a solid one minute, five minute, and ten minute pitch
  • an MVP with prototype or modeling (for capital intensive projects)
  • travel documents and budget for business development

Generating sales (cash) requires market traction. The paradox? Cash burns faster when trying to get market traction. If you are (or are not) considering any of the following then you will find the XLR8 bootcamp of benefit:

  • hiring a sales force
  • budgeting for marketing
  • growth hacking
  • distribution networks
  • agency agreements
  • channel incentive programs
  • sales validation for investors
  • strategic partnerships


If this sounds like the right kind of program for your business, apply today! Please contact Emily Boucher at emily.boucher@digitalnovascotia.com by June 28th to apply (there is only one spot remaining).


*Please note that this program is only open to members of Digital Nova Scotia. Not yet a member? Join now!


Registration fee: $775.00 (payable upon confirmation of acceptance into the bootcamp).

Please note that this program is valued at $5,000 per participant. Funding for this program is made possible through the Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI) program. Applicants must meet WIPSI criteria (made available via the application form) to be eligible for this program.



PhotoJohn Robertson has 20+ years of progressive experience in business development and senior management. His collaboration skills build genuine, productive relationships with key stakeholders. Today, John’s focus is working with innovative companies to build profitable sales channels. You can see John’s full resume and connect on LinkedIn or at XLR8Now.ca.





“Channel sales is a sales option that is not well understood by most businesses. This is a major concern as channel sales is a sales “approach” that can provide huge benefits and profits if properly set up and utilized. John Robertson has in depth experience in sales in general and channel sales in particular. I have attended seminars run  by John on this topic and they are always well organized and informative. This method of selling is important and John is the ideal person to run a channel marketing program.”

John Hamblin – Founder, Startup Canada-Halifax; Editor, Startup Digest-Halifax; and Atlantic Canada Senior Entrepreneur of the Year (2015)


“At Bitness.io, we’re pursuing a sales strategy that consists of strategic “Value Added Resellers” rather than direct sales. Realizing that direct sales require continuous groundwork and a large sales team, we decided to stick with a nimble and streamlined organization with minimal staffing. Having resellers promote Bitness allows us to offer our product in remote locations while maintaining a personalized, customized and high quality of service. Using the XLR8 Now method Bitness is building a level channel sales strategy. We can focus on our product while the channel sells and supports.”

Alex Gillis – Chief Executive Officer, Bitness.io