About ER Software Canada

Emergency Reporting (ER) is the largest cloud-based Fire records management solution (RMS) in the world. ER provides industry-leading solutions that allow Fire departments to run their entire operations efficiently and effectively, enhancing both firefighter and citizen safety. The company provides the easiest-to-use, most powerful system on the market and migrates over 50 agencies per month from their old RMS to ER’s.

Today, more than 754,000 first responders at nearly 7,000 Fire/Rescue agencies of all sizes – including more than 170 U.S. DoD/military installations worldwide and large entities with self-contained Fire services like NASA, nuclear power plants, hospitals, and oil refineries – are supported by Emergency Reporting.

Founded in 2003 by Dave Adams and Adrian Mintz, Emergency Reporting was envisaged to streamline reporting for fire (NFIRS) and emergency medical services (EMS), then grew to include complete records management solutions (RMS). The company’s founders remain involved in daily operations and committed to providing the most powerful yet affordable SaaS solutions.

Company-wide our employees have over 525 years of Fire and EMS service. Since the beginning, our founders knew that with simple, easy-to-use, intuitive software solutions, we could help make incident reporting more efficient, help the brass defend agency budgets, and build the case for more funding. We’re proud to say we’ve accomplished this and more, including increased safety for both first responders and the communities they serve.