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About David Aplin Group

Archway IT, a Division of David Aplin Group, has maintained its core competency from day one.

14 years ago Jim Garland sold his shares in an International Tech Firm, and formed Archway Search Consultants.

“We ran our firm with one goal – and that was to treat our employees and contractors as well as we treat our best client”, Garland says. “I am proud to say that to this day , we have maintained that CORE and respect it”.

In 2014, Jim Garland and Jeff Aplin met and talked about a potential partnership of some form. Both owners were keen on exploring the opportunity as each had complementary values and ambitions. In 2015 the merger was official, and Archway became known as Archway IT, a division of David Aplin Group.

“We still maintain our edge of providing the best contracting and full time services for IT resources in Atlantic Canada, and we still have the largest IT division in Atlantic Canada. The only difference now is that we have the backing of one of Canada’s finest and largest recruiting firms, and have the experience and reach that covers every Province in Canada”, adds Garland.

Archway/Aplin, utilizes the IT resources of the combined companies. This really helps in today’s driving need for the best IT talent in this competitive and ever changing national market – more so than ever before seen in Garland’s 25 years of experience. “We are proud to stay true to our CORE and look forward to working with Digital Nova Scotia and introducing our team to the family of companies within Digital NS.”