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System Operator-Transmission

We are currently looking for a System Operator – Transmission to join our Control Centre Operations team in a permanent position. Reporting to the System Control Manager, you will be accountable for the safe and reliable operation and dispatch of all transmission and connected facilities as well as the interconnected tie line.

As System Operator – Transmission you will:

  •  Operate and maintain both the transmission system and its connected equipment within normal and emergency operating limits and assist the energy system operator in the operation and dispatch of generation within the parameters established by NSPI in accordance with NPCC and NERC Standards.
  • You are responsible for the secure and reliable operation of the transmission system without exceeding system operating limits (SOL) and interconnection operating limits (IROL), directing re-dispatch of generation to maintain corridor limits and directing field personnel as required.
  • Be responsible for switching and directing all reactive resources to maintain system voltage and stability.
  • Operate within scheduled tie-line flows and respond to generation/transmission contingencies within the Maritimes Area through a reserve sharing arrangement with the New Brunswick System Operator.
  • Observe all directives, guidelines and procedures as issued by the Reliability Coordinator for the Maritimes Area (NBSO).
  • You must maintain accurate and detailed logs.

As the Transmission System Operator, you have the responsibility and the authority to direct corrective action, including load reduction, necessary to ensure the stable and reliable, operation of the NSPI Bulk Electric System during normal and emergency conditions. Such actions may be taken to prevent or alleviate System Operating Limits, Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit violations, capacity energy emergencies or to prevent voltage collapse when reactive resources are insufficient.

You will understand and operate:  SCADA (including; load flow, contingency analysis, automatic generation control (AGC)), PI system, FM Radio, Control Centre database applications (including; system operations trouble reporting (SOTR), substation entry log (SEL), Hold-off/Permit log system), and other related energy management software applications. You must be capable of interpreting color coded system information.

You will be knowledgeable in NSPI operating criteria, procedures, practices and guidelines including the implementation of emergency response plans/procedures as they relate to the hydro and transmission systems, fibre-optic/microwave data communication equipment, oil releases, SCADA alarms and the Standard Protection Code (SPC).

As the SPC “Control Authority” you will be responsible for issuing of hold-offs, isolation-permits as well as developing, issuing, approving and directing switching procedures. You will be compliant with the SPC at all times. You are responsible for final approval for switching transmission equipment out of service and reacting to transmission equipment outages on a forced basis by dispatching appropriate personnel, preparing, approving or directing switching and restoration activities when necessary.

You must be willing to participate in and successfully complete Competency Based Training Skills to the level of Transmission System Operator. NERC Certification is a requirement of this position; and the successful candidate must become NERC Certified. You must be committed to participation in the NERC Continuing Education Program by acquiring the required number of CE hours annually to maintain your Certification. The Continuing Education program includes on-shift self-study and attendance at training meetings outside of the normal shift cycle. The certified system operator is responsible for retaining appropriate documentation for proof of credential maintenance.

You will function effectively in a 12-hour rotating shift environment, working an average of 42 hours per week depending on shift assignments. You will be available to work additional shifts for emergency restoration or to support the continued operation of the desk. The most recent Operator hired on the desk fills the role of the spare position and may fulfill multi-desk coverage as experience permits.

You will be responsible for your personal safety, that of co-workers, and those under your direction by observing and ensuring compliance with all Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations.  You will be accountable for environmental performance as it relates to the environmental management system processes and initiatives. You will comply with NSPI’s Standards of Conduct.

This position is considered a safety sensitive position. As such, the successful candidate must comply with the Emera Alcohol and Drug Policy which requires a confidential pre-employment alcohol and drug test in accordance with the Emera Alcohol and Drug Procedure.

What skills will make you successful?

You recognize yourself in most of the following competencies, and where possible possess the skills and experience listed below:

  • University or community college education to the level of Technologist with studies in electrical devices and/or power system operation or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
  • Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the electric utility environment.
  • Demonstrated abilities as a highly motivated team player, with strong communication skills, with the ability to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Must be able to perform effectively under emergency and high-pressure situations and be adaptable to change.
  • Proficient in the use of personal computers and software applications.
  • Comfortable making timely and critical decisions, as well as accepting responsibility to do so.
  • NERC Certification and/or previous system operator experience would be considered an asset for this position.