Senior Full Stack Developer (Test #1)

As the Senior Product Marketing Manager, you will work closely with our incredible product, development, sales, customer success, and marketing teams as well as our customers, to successfully launch, position and differentiate our existing and new solutions. The Senior Product Marketing Manager will also be responsible for leading and managing a team of high-performing product marketers.

What you’ll do


1. Product Positioning
Establish the overall platform positioning strategy, as well positioning for our most important new products and features. Create, develop and refine value props, product pitches, demo flows, and differentiation. Provide guidance and feedback for the Product Marketing team’s product positioning plans and content. Work with the executive team, product, customer success, and sales management teams to analyze current product strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and create plans for improvement.

2. Competitive Analysis
Establish a competitive strategy and unified approach to contend with other softwares within the visual marketing space. Provide a framework for the Product Marketing team to gather, maintain and distribute research on new and existing competitors for internal competitive assessment. Support and provide guidance to Product Marketing Managers in their competitive analysis, document creation, and education of Dash Hudson internal teams on the current competitive landscape.

3. Team Support
Manage the pipeline of requests and support in the creation of required content for the sales and customer success teams such as decks, feature documentation, customer training documentation, how-to videos, case studies, team training, and more. Work with the Director of Product to establish product roadmap communication to internal teams.

4. Product Launches
Create and maintain a scalable product launch framework that can be executed by the product marketing team. Strategically assign and distribute features among product marketing managers based on areas of expertise, workload, and career growth. Successfully manage the formal internal and external launch of the most significant new products and upgrades to existing products/applications. This includes but is not limited to, working in conjunction with product managers throughout the build, feature document creation, web copy creation, team training, and launch communication to the customer base. Provide guidance and feedback for product launches led by Product Marketing Managers.

4. Pricing and Packaging
Maintain, and consistently re-evaluate platform pricing and packaging. Research and make recommendations on any proposed pricing or packaging changes. Establish pricing fits for new features prior to launch.

What you’ll need


  • Experience leading and supporting a team of individual contributors.
  • Proven experience building and supporting diverse teams.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and build relationships with internal teams.
  • Excellent written communication with attention to consistency and detail.
  • Ability to understand and operate in a fluid environment with ever-changing market dynamics and a fast-moving product roadmap.
  • Ability to independently manage a multi-layered project from start to finish.
  • Ability to manage competing priorities and work against tight timelines.
  • 5+ years experience in a relevant marketing, product, or sales role.
  • Knowledge of enterprise marketing software market.

About Dash Hudson
Dash Hudson was founded in 2015 with the mission of helping the world’s most important companies deepen engagement with their consumers through photos and videos. Today, Dash Hudson continues to enable forward-thinking brands like Condé Nast, Apple, and Estée Lauder to inform strategy and leverage actionable insights for meaningful audience engagement. Dash Hudson takes it to the next level by predicting the performance of photos and videos, analyzing trends, and accelerating brand growth across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and e-commerce marketing channels. To learn more about Dash Hudson’s globally-leading visual marketing software, visit