Senior Copywriter

Whether you already live here, want to return home, or are looking for a new adventure, there’s never been a better time to live in Halifax. One of Canada’s fasting growing cities, Halifax is beautiful, welcoming, vibrant, affordable—and relatively COVID-free! What more do you want? How about a great job at one of the region’s biggest and most well-respected full-service ad agencies? Well, we may be able to help you there too.

We’re looking for a senior copywriter with at least five years of ad agency experience. Someone who is as adept at creating a fully integrated campaign from the ground up as they are at crafting a single headline that will give the client shivers of joy. Social and digital activation should be part of your DNA. Writing and realizing great radio and video scripts should be something you’re on your way to being able to do as a matter of course. As a senior, mentoring others on the team is also an essential part of the puzzle.

And most importantly, our mantra here at Trampoline is to “be a force for positive change.” And we live it. So, the right person for this role will bring a positive attitude toward helping our agency and clients realize this vision.

Do you have all that on the go? Drop us a line right away!