Membership & Outreach Director

Membership Strategy

The Membership & Outreach Director focuses on expansion, engagement and retention of membership, encouraging a strong sense of community amongst its members.

  • Works in collaboration with members of the ISNS Board of Directors to develop and maintain a membership recruitment strategy.
  • Develops and implements a membership commitment strategy (particularly to entice participation at ISNS and game industry events).
  • Participates in the Membership Committees, and represents the interests of the membership at the Board of Directors meetings.
  • Keeps a pulse on new Studios opening in Nova Scotia, and encourages membership with ISNS.
  • Liaise with post-secondary schools across Nova Scotia in game development programs.
  • Promotes relevant education, building a bridge from industry and market really needs to the academic world, to pursue the development and hiring of local creative talent.


  • Monitors and maintains the membership database.
  • Monitors and maintains membership/office email.
  • Monitors and maintains website and marketing content.
  • Remains in frequent contact with the membership via regular newsletters, thank you notes, engagement campaigns, etc.

Events Coordination

  • Organizes the Annual General Meeting for the membership.
  • Reviews member volunteer commitments and create volunteer schedules of ISNS members for ISNS events. (AGM, GDA, etc.).
  • Coordinates membership events, like training or mentoring programs, mixers, industry nights, etc.

Lobbying Activities

Works with the Board of Directors to procure the attention of public policymakers as relevant catalysts of the industry competitiveness in Nova Scotia, signalling the importance of cross-fertilization, promotion of innovation and incubation.


  • Include a Cover Letter
  • A Resume (References are optional)
  • Send to Marina at