Manager – Cybersecurity

You know those big cities that still feel like small towns? Where everyone’s friendly and helps each other out? That’s like Grant Thornton. Except here we’re all professionals and there isn’t a mayor or a general store. What we’re trying to say is that we’re a large and growing professional services firm that still feels like a community. We employ over 2500 people across Canada, and we truly care about our colleagues, our clients and the communities where we work and live. That’s what’s most important to us. We’re building a thriving organization that’s purpose-driven and still want to remember what your favourite milkshake flavour is.

As a Manager, your duties and responsibilities include:

Client Responsibilities

  • Performing cybersecurity assessments to detect and identify weaknesses in the security posture of an organization’s information technology environment (platforms, applications, infrastructure, etc.);
  • Developing recommendations and action plans to reduce, mitigate, and/or remediate the impact of identified vulnerabilities and risk;
  • Conducting or evaluating results of vulnerability scans, and delivering comprehensive reports to communicate findings and impact to both technical and non-technical audiences;
  • Performing engagement management responsibilities, including performance reviews, task delegation, project scheduling, project financials, quality review and client management.
  • Managing business development activities, such as proposals, whitepapers, conferences, and/or other thought leadership materials.
  • Acting as performance manager (coach) for coachees outside of specific engagement responsibilities.
  • Working with the team during the hiring process for new candidates, conducting interviews and providing input into hiring decisions.

Colleagues Responsibilities

  • Contributing to national team-related initiatives;
  • Maintaining rapport and strong relationships with team members across the country; and
  • Understanding and following workplace policies and procedures.

Be Grant Thornton

If you’re a bit like us, you’re driven to connect with how others are feeling and thinking. Here we walk in others’ shoes before taking action. Just imagine being part of a team that puts “we before me”, where flexibility is a mindset, and where you trust your colleagues to have your back. At Grant Thornton, you’ll work with inspiring leaders who support your development, both personally and professionally. This is a place where your insatiable curiosity enables you to think, see and hear from a variety of perspectives, a place where every day is different and having the courage to grow is part of who you are. And when all this comes together, well that’s when the magic happens!

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