Intermediate Privacy Technologist – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

Intermediate Privacy Technologist

As an intermediate privacy technologist, you will:

  • Analyze architecture diagrams
  • Understand, document, and create data flow diagrams
  • Solve problems, write clearly, and deliver results
  • Identify required technical safeguards in solutions
  • Recommend technical safeguards and ways to minimize risk
  • Support a team of analysts and technologists to deliver Privacy Impact Assessments, Privacy by Design projects, and privacy programs in a collaborative way
  • Present your findings to clients and describe highly technical concepts in plain language, giving them confidence in our work and providing expert answers
  • Communicate with vendor technical teams to better understand their application
  • Contribute to business planning and seek business opportunities
  • Write responses to Requests for Proposals, Statements of Work, and Requests for Quotes

You will thrive in this role if you:

  • Have an analytical mindset that challenges the status quo
  • Love keeping your skills current—the world of privacy technology is always evolving
  • Love talking with people about technology risks (and able to do so in plain language)
  • Love connecting the dots between laws, technologies, and best practices
  • Love using information from different places (like past privacy breaches, new technologies, and a court decision) to form a recommendation
  • Are eager to get some new certifications and learn about the fast growing industry of privacy!
  • Love working with a team who has your back and providing them the same support
  • Are comfortable working on individual components that are incorporated into team deliverables
  • Are interested in privacy and looking to gather experience and be mentored in this type of work

We are looking for someone with:

  • 5+ years of privacy technology experience
  • A Certified Information Privacy Technologist or a similar credential
  • An undergraduate or advanced degree in computer sciences or a related field (or comparable education)
  • Completed or contributed to 15+ Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Strong writing and speaking skills
  • An energetic attitude and ability the ability to present and to lead meetings
  • An ability to focus, show enthusiasm, and care for colleagues, clients, and the work
  • An ability to organize your work to fit with team, client, and project timelines
  • The ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources and think analytically
  • Transferrable skills in project management, analysis, digital transformation, facilitation, or another area
  • Flexibility in the type of project assigned and the skills used
  • The ability to deliver exceptional services to our clients