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HR Generalist (Gaming)

Millbrook First Nation is seeking a diligent and culturally aware HR Generalist (Gaming) to join their team. They will play a key role in overseeing and managing human resource functions. This position requires strong organizational and interpersonal skills, as well as a deep understanding of continual operations/shift work. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring efficient placements while upholding our commitment to a healthy, safe and harmonious work environment.

Recruitment and Onboarding: Assist in the recruitment process by posting job advertisements, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and conducting background checks. Coordinate new employee onboarding, including preparing orientation materials, conducting initial training, and ensuring completion of necessary paperwork. Employee Relations: Serve as a point of contact for employee inquiries, providing guidance and support on HR policies, procedures, and programs. Assist in resolving employee complaints or issues through effective communication, investigation, and conflict resolution techniques. Maintain employee records, ensuring accuracy, confidentiality, and compliance with privacy regulations. Training and Development: Support training and development initiatives by coordinating training sessions, workshops, and seminars for employees. Assist in identifying training needs and recommending appropriate programs to enhance employee skills and knowledge. Maintain training records and monitor training program effectiveness. HR Administration: Assist in the implementation and enforcement of HR policies, procedures, and practices. Maintain and update employee handbook, ensuring alignment with applicable employment laws and regulations. Compliance and Documentation: Ensure compliance with relevant employment laws, regulations, and gaming industry standards. Prepare and maintain HR-related documentation, including employment contracts, personnel files, and performance evaluation records. Assist in the administration of employee benefits, leave management and payroll processes. Health and Safety: Contribute to the development of health and safety policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. As OH&S Officer, conducting investigations to identify and mitigate workplace hazards and accidents. Conducting health and safety committee meetings to discuss and address workplace health and safety concerns.