Development Team Lead – Back-End

As a Development Team Lead, you will leverage your technical abilities, leadership skills, and project oversight experience to get the job done while growing and supporting your team. You will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team members to contribute wherever you’re most needed – whether that’s hands-on coding, improving team processes, fostering continued learning, or elsewhere.

You’re passionate about building high-performing teams that produce high-quality, standards-compliant software. You take pleasure and satisfaction from the successes of other team members and are excited about building and maintaining a positive team culture. You enjoy autonomy, and you will have the option to work remotely and/or from our Bedford office.

Is this role right for me?

To be perfect for this position, you will need to:

  • Write efficient, readable, well-tested code to accomplish tasks and solve technical problems;
  • Breakdown and prioritize tasks within projects and provide required direction to team members and reports to successfully meet deadlines;
  • Provide consistent and ongoing leadership and support to reports and mentor reports to achieve career and long-term objectives;
  • Communicate effectively within your team, with your manager, with other teams and with key company stakeholders;
  • Review and provide feedback on the code of your teammates and reports;
  • Work with individuals and project teams to accurately estimate technical level of effort based on provided requirements;
  • Participate in the hiring process and interviews, and provide clear and concise feedback on candidates;
  • Prioritize tasks within projects and provide required direction to team members and reports to achieve project-level, department-level and company-level goals;
  • Participate and provide valuable contributions in department-wide planning and initiatives;
  • Initiate, guide and build development workflow processes and documentation;
  • Effectively manage the concerns of your reports and facilitate resolutions in a timely manner;
  • Attend regular sprint activities such as standups, grooming and retrospectives;
  • Work closely with our product, SEO and business teams to incubate ideas and then execute to make those ideas a reality;
  • Code back-end APIs, tools and applications using Python;
  • Work with our Quality Assurance team to help automate API and application testing and repetitive development tasks;
  • Collaborate with other development team members and other departments to drive innovation and help define internal standards;
  • Participate in self-directed learning, tech groups and workshops to learn new technologies and expand knowledge.

What qualifications do I need?

The ideal candidate should possess:

  • College Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field or equivalent experience;
  • 5+ years Professional Software or Web Application Development experience;
  • Experience managing people or teams;
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Attentive and responsive to the team and environment;
  • Committed and dedicated to the work;
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and delegate work;
  • Self-motivated, independent thinker and worker;
  • Adaptable and persistent to achieve goals despite roadblocks and change;
  • Collaborative leader keen to work in a team environment;
  • Focused on improving the team to meet larger business objectives.
  • Experience coding in Python (intermediate or better);
  • Experience developing REST APIs in Django and/or Flask;
  • Experience ingesting data from JSON and XML feeds;
  • Experience following Agile development practices (Scrum/Kanban);
  • Proficiency with Unix-based systems and using CLIs;
  • Experience with relational database language and structure, such as MySQL;
  • Proficiency with code versioning tools, such as git.

What else would be nice to have?

Strong consideration will be given to candidates that also offer the following:

  • Experience building GraphQL APIs (Graphene);
  • Experience with Machine Learning (Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-learn, etc.);
  • Experience developing ETL processes with Apache Airflow;
  • Experience with containerization, i.e. Docker, Kubernetes;
  • Experience with common server administration tasks;
  • Experience with NoSQL Databases (MongoDB).
  • Experience with AWS.