Adapting to the No-Office Normal

Information, privacy professional, and frequently offsite consultant Victoria McIntosh invites businesses to learn effective methods for allowing staff to work from home, in-office, or across the country while still protecting information assets. Deployment of remote security management differs from office programs, but the goal remains the same. Security, in-house or offsite, aims for timely access by the right users to accurate information. We want to allow entry to information resources for verified staff while shutting out external threats. For organizations, this means a plan for what staff needs to access, and how they can protect it from where ever they choose to work. About the Presenter Victoria McIntosh, Information and Privacy Professional, and Owner of Information in Bloom Management Services Victoria McIntosh is an information and privacy professional in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Holding a Masters in Library and Information Science, she puts the pieces together. Certified as an IAPP Information Privacy Technologist, Victoria brings privacy expertise to operations. She is keen on foundational privacy and security practices, enjoying opportunities to discuss and educate others with conversations, presentations, and material development. Presently, Victoria operates under her freelance consulting firm: Information in Bloom Management Services. REGISTER

Link Building Strategy Workshop

Your website needs the clout of other sites to win the attention of Google (just like in real life) Before you buy a product or a service, you look at reviews, right? You might even ask a friend about their experience to get an idea if you should buy or not. That’s how search engines feel about your website, too! Google wants to see that your website is *linked* with big websites that show your content is relevant and amazing. If you don’t have other sites confirming your content is great... Google won't prioritize it when your dream customers come searching for information. Fact: There’s only 10 lily pad spots on Google’s first page, and it’s reserved for those froggies with the right kind of clout. So... are you ready to leap towards page 1 with me? I’m Alison K, and my workshop will teach you the right way to build links (and lasting brand relationships) that will slingshot your content from ‘unknown’ to ‘household’. REGISTER

An Ocean of Opportunity

Nova Scotia has become a world-class hub of innovation for research and technology in the oceans sector. There are currently more than 300 diverse companies involved in this industry providing goods and services in fisheries, tourism, shipbuilding, life sciences, renewable energy and marine science and research, to name a few. Including spin-offs, ocean related industries generate approximately 12.2% of Nova Scotia’s overall GDP. This has created an ocean of opportunity for start-ups and businesses looking to get involved. The Halifax Chamber of Commerce and our Presenting Partner, Dalhousie University Rowe School of Business, invites you to join us for a discussion with the leaders at the forefront of the ocean industry in Nova Scotia to take a deep dive into the potential of the blue economy. During the panel discussion, we’ll hear about the work they’re doing at their respective institutions and the opportunities available to the business community. In the last half hour, we’ll finish off with a live Q&A where members can ask their questions directly to the experts. Register today and submit your question! Register Now

tech{LAB} Underwater Eye Spy with SuperNOVA

Take a deep dive under the surface of the ocean with a SuperNOVA instructor as we explore underwater habitats around Halifax, Nova Scotia through a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Participants will follow along with animal and plant identification keys to identify species in our survey and add to our public database of marine sightings and species! An ROV or a remotely operated vehicle is an underwater submersible that is driven from the ocean’s surface rather than from within the vehicle itself. This means with ROVs, you don’t have to send humans deep in the ocean where there’s no oxygen, very little light and a lot of pressure. REGISTER