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Summer Social (Socially-Distanced Edition)

Come join us for our Summer Social (Socially-Distanced Edition) We miss your faces and decided to put together a social-distance picnic! Feel free to chat about whatever you want, WordPress-related or not. There is no set agenda. Come at any point during the 2 hours. WHERE WE'LL MEET Near North Park/Cunard Side baseball diamond (south of Cunard Roundabout). See photo. RULES: Now, as always, our meetup is a place to be respectful and welcoming to EVERYONE. We are abiding by the regulations set out by the Province ( This ensures a safe and anxiety-free meetup: - Bring your own blanket, picnic-style food, and non-alcoholic bevvy. - Pets are welcomed, ask the owners their comfort level of contact before interacting. - While the province states that "Informal social gathering limit outdoors is up to 25 people without social distancing and masks" we understand not everyone is comfortable with close contact, may wish to still wear a mask, etc. We ask that everyone that attends practices social distancing unless the person you are talking to confirms they are fine with close contact. We know these rules are a bit more demanding than usual, but please understand we are aiming to provide a […]