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Business Intelligence for Owners & Managers Series – Compare results across time and categories


Managing and maintaining accurate and up-to date reports is critical to the success of every organization. This three-part webinar series will cover what you as an owner or manager can do with reports and how you can strategically use reports to look for answers to your questions. This webinar series will also demonstrate how easily you can move through interactive reports to quickly find areas of interest with the click of a mouse. After attending this webinar series, you will know how to: - Gain instant access and update key performance indicators (KPIs). Forecast versus actual is no longer an issue: granularity of the data is easily managed (e.g., a monthly forecast versus daily actuals), as is comparing year to date with last year. Filtering a report to focus on areas of interest is a game-changer. Updating reports, even when multiple data sources are used, is simple and quick. - Use geographic maps that can zoom from a single postal code to multiple continents and everything in between and provide better visualizations of results. Add a graph to categorize your results and add the ability to “hover” over a segment for details that adds clarity to the picture. Filter data […]